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laminitis-when to start exercising?

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icclemunchy Thu 26-May-16 19:52:43

The vet is on the yard Tuesday so can confirm then but wondering if anyone know in the mean time.

Fat pony has had a bout of lami. Completely my fault I should have been far more proactive about getting the weight off him. Bit of sunshine and bam he's down with it. It's his first bout and we caught it very quickly (he was fine in the morning lame at lunchtime) boxrest and bute as per vet. No rotation and is now sound without bute.

He's to stay off the grass for a month from being sound off the bute, vet said he can be turned out for short stretches in a sand school but we don't have one only grass. So would I be ok to start walking him out in hand? Or some lunging? The weight is coming off with the strict diet but he's going to need to exercise too confused

MrsDaffs Thu 02-Jun-16 00:40:01

The more exercise the better and start as soon as he is sound....which is sounds link he is.

Box rest for lamis is no good....movement helps not only their weight but circulation all through their body and feet.

And whatever you do please don't starve him. My shetty has lami and is on a basic track system with ad lib hay and has beverage ever looked better.
No lami for 2 years.
Same as my tb who is the opposite end of the scale in terms of type but also potentially lami ,he does marvelously on the same system.

Good luck...tricky business but once you have the knack of it it's fairly easy to control.

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