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Difficult decision - help needed in making it

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Detailsoverleaf Mon 16-May-16 12:30:04

Started sharing my share pony 4 years ago. At that point I was super nervous having not ridden for years. He was perfect, super safe cob. After getting my confidence in the ménage I got to know other liveries on the yard and started hacking out which was really fun and having such a sensible (if a bit slow) pony did wonders for my confidence. Used to hack out alone sometimes and it was fine too, although he was more enthusiastic in company.

End of last year pony's owner moved him to a new yard and I've not found anyone to hack out with. Yard is full of kids basically. I have tried hacking alone but pony has become stubborn and after 20 minutes plants hooves and refuses to move (except in direction of home) ignores leg and whip. Only way to get him to move is sitting and waiting, and waiting... but I only have limited time to ride so this is really frustrating.

I don't really feel like there's much point riding pony in the school, he's 20, very lazy, and I'm not a good enough rider to get much out of him beyond a quick walk trot canter and hopping over a small cross pole. I can't keep him in canter more than half way round the school. So I don't enjoy schooling him.

My head is telling me it's time to move on and hand in my notice, but in my heart I love the little fella to bits. Also feel like having pony is holding me back as I have lots of other things I should be doing at the weekend but I spend a lot of it with pony. I used to have so much fun hacking out with friends from the old yard but I'm just not enjoying it anymore.

Moanranger Mon 16-May-16 17:56:40

It sounds to me definitely time to move on. Most sharing situations are much more transient than yours - my daughter has gone through 4 sharers in 2 years with her horse.
He definitely sounds like a group hack only pony and as you cannot do that, then you are not enjoying it, and it really should be fun..
You can always visit him & feed him carrots.

frenchfancy Mon 16-May-16 18:28:10

You are not enjoying it anymore - so don't do it. The advantage of sharing rather than owning is that when you aren't enjoying it you can stop.

Gabilan Mon 16-May-16 18:35:41

Dhorse will hack alone but doesn't enjoy it. I'm reasonably experienced so I just drag another horse or pony with him. We both like our mini-herds of 3 and there are plenty of horses who need the extra exercise.

It might also be worth investigating why he's like that and perhaps see if a more experienced rider finds him easier. You may just have got into a vicious circle of neither of you enjoying it and there could well be ways out of it. Would you be happy if he was back to his old self, or has your riding moved on?

Detailsoverleaf Tue 17-May-16 17:33:42

I think the problem is I'm not sure if my riding can move on much on this pony. He's given me my confidence back but I think now I'm ready for a step up.

Drivingnovice Tue 17-May-16 17:45:31

It sounds to me like he's done his job for you and it's time to move on....

Gabilan Tue 17-May-16 20:45:16

Sounds like it's time to call it a day then. You're not enjoying it. It sounds like, at 20, the pony just wants a quiet life. As pp have said the benefit of a share agreement is that you can move on more easily.

SideOrderofChip Wed 18-May-16 00:48:43

I think its time to move on by the sounds of it. It doesnt mean you don't love DH but it seems you've 'outgrown' him somewhat. At 20 our geriatric cob doesnt want to do much either!

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