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Specky4eyes Wed 11-May-16 19:07:07

I'm in need of advice please. I have been riding just over a year and I have just purchased my first pair of jodhpurs as I have been wearing tracky bottoms.

I am very much a huge pair shape and I could not find any in the local shops in my size so I purchased them online. They are very thick and I get hot when riding already.

Can anyone recommend a lightweight, thin, summer pair.

Many thanks

mrslaughan Wed 11-May-16 20:18:46

I would say find the Kerrits riding tights - they do a lightweight version , which I have and love - they go up to quite a large size (18 maybe) - I think they are fab for summer and pear shaped women.
I will try and find the name of the outfit I bought them from.

Specky4eyes Wed 11-May-16 21:07:52

I am larger than that blush but I would appreciate the retailer. I did try and find somewhere that stocked them but I could not find anyone here in the UK.

mrslaughan Wed 11-May-16 21:31:03

They may go larger. I was a 16 when I got mine and they were large on me - I got the XL and I know they go bigger. Oh and they are stretchy - with a stretchy waistband.
I am pretty sure I went through three lows equestrian, but they don't seem to have an Internet business anymore. I can't find there website......
I know some retailers on eBay sell them. , the reason I got them from three lows is because I could easily return them if need be. Maybe try phoning them?

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