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Long shot I know but I am moving to Harrogate

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lavendersun Sat 13-Feb-16 04:00:06

I ha got two retirees I need to find a quiet place for. They are currently at home, have been for years, currently the thought of my old horse not being at home makes me very sad.

We seem to be moving into a town house (renting, as an experiment I think), so my lovely horses will not be able to be at home.

I need somewhere within 15 miles, not a big swanky yard either, not my style at all. Grass livery with a decent shelter or stables for the worst of the weather or just a field with stables/shelter.

I might buy a field later on, am sort of panicking about not having them at home/on my own land tbh, but acknowledge that living in Harrogate might be good for us as a family (currently 7 miles from the nearest shop so a massive change).

I have asked on the H&H forum. I have insomnia thinking about it!

If anyone can suggest anywhere I would be really grateful. I am going to stay there for half term so will browse tack shops and put up some notices. They might be able to go to a friend outside Cambridge for a month or two to give me some time to find somewhere.

Thank you for reading, very stressed Lavender. Odd how this is the most stressful part of the move right now!

RatherBeRiding Mon 22-Feb-16 17:20:22

Look on FB at local horsey groups. There is one called York Equestrian which is very popular, also one called Leeds Equestrian. Post a few questions about local livery - it's very rural round Harrogate/Wetherby kind of area, I'm sure you will find somewhere.

lavendersun Mon 22-Feb-16 19:41:05

I don't do Facebook rather.

We have ended up nearer Ripon so my original plan moved a bit. I have done really well out of the H&H forum and made contact with someone suggested on there who is a mine of local info.

I am hoping for a paddock close enough to be able to bring them home at night as we have outbuildings a plenty but no land - am using all available lines right now .... village shop, big estate, parish notice boards. Hopefully something will come up, I will be knocking on the doors of farmers next week wearing my best smile.

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