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Trailer on the road

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StillYummy Sun 20-Dec-15 15:22:47

Can I legally park a trailer on the road, without it being attached to a car? If so, am I allowed to wheel clamp it to prevent it being stolen? Or does that change the rules?


Rosieposy4 Thu 31-Dec-15 20:54:21

Will depend on your local by laws, varies from area to area.
Some may require you to keep it lit if permitted.
I would be very worried about it being stolen though, even with a hitch lock.

PoshPenny Thu 31-Dec-15 21:25:02

You would probably be better off in the long run finding somewhere off road to park it in between use. Trailers are so easily stolen, and your neighbours may get niggly about it being there on the road. I think I used to pay £10 a week to store mine, which added up over the years, but it was always there when I needed it and not blocked in. That would be no joke when you're in a rush and no one to help.

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