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Has anyone been to Olympia recently? How expensive is the shopping there?

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Whaleshark Wed 25-Nov-15 14:27:45

We are off to Olympia the weekend before Christmas. I haven't been in years, very excited!! I am tempted to leave buying Christmas presents for the horsey members of my family until we go. I am just a little worried that I will get there and find everything costs a fortune, and end up not being able to find anything to buy. So if anyone has been in the last few years, are there cheapish things to but there, or is it all top quality and massively expensive? All my money goes on horse feed, so I am on a limited budget for Christmas shopping!

EdithWeston Wed 25-Nov-15 14:33:10

I went in 2012. I'd describe the shopping as typical of equestrian event (ever been to somewhere like Burghley?). Lots of places selling horsey/doggy clothes/gifts, with a smattering of more expensive (jewellery) and far less so (mildly naff cheapie gifts), and then stuff at normal prices. IIRC, I bought some end-of-line Mukluks at small discount, flavoured fudge at ordinary price, bright purple jodhpurs for me and replacement navy ones for DD (discounted), some cheap hair stuff for DD, and some really really good leather food.

Floralnomad Wed 25-Nov-15 14:36:17

We have been for the last 3 yrs , we are giving it a miss this year and I've found the shopping very reasonable - we usually buy something for our pony ( headcollar / rope etc) and I bought some great boots for me . What I will say is that unless you are under about 5'3" the seats are really uncomfortable , the leg room is appalling and there is no room for shopping bags - we generally take the car and put the shopping back in it before the show . ( that is seats in the front couple of rows btw) .

Alfredoshoes Wed 25-Nov-15 16:38:04

I find it about the same as tack shops. Glorious range of fluffy numnahs in gorgeous colours and nice riding clothes. Hard to come home without spending more than you intended.

Butkin1 Thu 26-Nov-15 09:22:31

Haven't missed in 20+ years and we don't tend to spend that much although great browsing. We find HOYS much better for shopping as that is really all about equestrian items. The shopping at Olympia has really expanded over the last few years - especially upstairs - but with lots of high end items and non-horsey stuff. I think you'll find loads of things to buy but don't go there planning on getting a large array of horse items like rugs/head collars etc. However if you want well priced jewellery etc you will find plenty of options.

Whaleshark Sat 28-Nov-15 11:26:41

Thanks all. Floral, the leg room won't be a problem thankfully. That is the one advantage of being a family of short arses! grin

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