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Pony club query

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SimLondon Tue 24-Nov-15 19:48:30

Can anyone tell me a bit more about the pony club, I know they have rally's/camps etc but do they do a weekly group lesson as well or do children tend to be taught by their own instructor and just attend pony club events every now and then? it's quite hard to tell from their website.

BumbleTalking Tue 24-Nov-15 19:58:02

It depends if you're jointing as part of a school or a branch (branches are for those with their own ponies).

There's weekly pony club lessons, yes. At my old pony club, we often practised for our Christmas shows during our lesson during November/December time. Such fun smile

Camps are only really for those with their own ponies, though. Unless you can find one to loan for the duration of the camp. A pain in the arse, really. hmm

The Pony Club Competitions are open to everyone but most schools don't just let you use their horses, so again, more for people with their own trusty steeds.

SimLondon Tue 24-Nov-15 20:58:56

Ah thanks Bumble - sorry I meant Branch then - so they do weekly lessons - I wish they post this info on their website!

BumbleTalking Tue 24-Nov-15 22:23:23

OP, no worries!

Yeah their website is a bit pants santa

Butkin1 Wed 25-Nov-15 12:50:00

Branches are for children with their own ponies. What they do can vary from branch to branch but our one runs loads of events in all the school holidays/half terms.

As well as the Camps (usually in July/August and split by age group) which last for a few days we have rallies which are usually one day affairs specialising in show jumping, dressage, cross country, mounted games, polo etc. They are all training exercises.

In addition we run regular specialist training for each discipline with an instructor who not only runs their sessions but picks teams for the various regional/national PC competitions.

We also run a PC Hunter Trial and we're particularly into tetrathlon so run lots of training for shooting and run various Tet/Tri events through the season.

I think you need to look at your local branches website rather than the HQ one which is very general - although it does give good contacts and you can download the membership forms etc.

I've found that PC is brilliant in our area for children from 4 to 14 and then drops right away as they go off and specialise..

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