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Sold my horse, no contact

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lkpink Tue 13-Oct-15 09:27:05

I sold my horse 3 weeks ago. It was an agonising decisions for me to make but I had come to conclusion that she was too much for me and deserved more time than I can give. I found what I thought was the perfect lady, she rode her beautifully and seemed to be erythema I wanted for her. Stupidly though, I let her go the next day on the agreement that I would go and see her the next day and then meet her on the Thursday to watch her showjumping. I didn't go on the Tuesday as my son was poorly, I went to watch her jumping and all seemed perfect. Now I can't get in touch with her at all, she won't reply to my text and answer my calls. I didn't go to the yrd so I don't know where she is. I have the ladies home address so I do t no whether to go round. I'm so annoyed with myself!, I had a great bond with that horse, I bought her underweight and in foal and had her broken. I just want to know she's ok, i know I can't do anything as I sold her, it's just so upsetting, she promised to send me pics and stay in touch xx

carabos Tue 13-Oct-15 12:58:25

I think she's making it clear that she doesn't want to keep in touch or have you involved in her horse.

I'm sorry, but if you sell a horse you can't guarantee that it will be ok, and you can't hold the purchaser to staying in touch. Having said that, it's only three weeks ago, perhaps her idea of keeping in touch is to send you the odd pic now and then and as you have seen her since the sale, she may think that's plenty for now.

How much contact do you actually want? I think making arrangements to see her twice immediately after the sale then fretting that you haven't seen her in the following two weeks is a bit much tbh.

Shetland Tue 13-Oct-15 13:05:19

I agree with carabos
I know that the decision to sell can be agonising - I sold my last one for similar reasons - but once it's done it's done. If they want to stay in touch then great but in my experience most people don't. I kept that horse on the same yard as the person I bought it from and I did feel a bit awkward about it tbh - and it made the decision to sell even harder as I almost felt I owed them an explanation or something.

Perhaps send one more text asking for a photo once in a while and then leave it there. Perhaps she does feel a bit pressured.

bimandbam Tue 13-Oct-15 13:05:37

Sorry this has happened but once you sell them you sell all rights to them.including knowing how they are.

I have recently bought a pony. I sent old owner a message the day after to let them know she had settled in ok. Then I tagged them in a photo a couple of weeks after. That should be enough.

If the old owners had pitched up to see her and wanted to see her again I would have said no. Partly because I wouldn't want to start it off and partly for the horses benefit. The bond you had is now irrelevant. For her own happiness she needs to bond with the new owners and you will be confusing things.

I would simply send a message saying you hope you are happy with her and could she let you know if they ever decide to sell on.

lkpink Tue 13-Oct-15 21:37:26

I have only seen her once, which was at a showjumping event. I had arranged to go and see where she was, which was what we said before she went. I'm not going to stalk her, I just wanted to no where she was then that was it. I'm not expecting daily updates, I only text to arrange the visit we agreed. She said as I hadn't been she would send me pics. I knew something wasn't right and tonite I have found out that she buys and sells, and she lied through her teeth to me, the odds are she's been sold. Your right though, that's what u get for selling your horse. Just wish people were honest, the last thing I wanted was for her to be passed about xx

snowpo Wed 14-Oct-15 21:37:25

Oh no I'm so sorry, I did wonder if it was a dealer when I read your post. I tried to sell one of mine as a hack for a low price, woman assures me she only wants to hack out. Turns up and sticks her professional looking daughter on top in the school, rides him for 2 mins and announces he would take too long to reschool. I was bloody glad they'd driven an hour to see him.
They are so good at lying and seeming genuine, horrible people who take advantage.
Try and re-assure yourself that she will sell her to someone nice, most people want a horse to look after and love.

lkpink Sat 17-Oct-15 13:09:27

Thanku, I really am hoping so. I'm really upset as she was so convincing, even took rugs etc. unfortunately I just have to move on and never sell a horse again!!, ever!. Frightening how devious people can be, u really can't trust anyonexx

cloudlessskies Sun 15-Nov-15 18:17:18

Hi OP, sorry you're in this situation. I think feeling worried and upset is completely normal. Anyone who has ever had a pet can imagine how hard it would be to give them away and I don't think you're asking for much at all to keep in touch and go for the odd visit. If I was you I would send another text saying sorry that they may feel a bit pestered but you just want to know that everything is working out ok and could you please visit at the yard. For your own sake and the horses - they remember and you will be missed. If you hear nothing back, I'd sit in the car at their address and when you think they're going to the yard, follow just so you can see where they go. Then you can visit when they are not there and check up on the horse - no harm done and your mind is at rest.

CatchIt Sat 02-Jan-16 16:53:40

I'm sorry OP, I understand your concern, but you sold the horse and so it's not yours any more.

I know it's a wrench, I sold my first horse to keep my youngster and felt terrible, he was sold on a year afterwards. There's nothing I can do other than hope he's alright.

Sorry, I don't mean to be harsh, but you need to let it go.

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