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Signs that it's time to say goodbye to first pony

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onlyoranges Mon 31-Aug-15 23:11:58

We have a wonderful first pony but my dd is wanting to jump higher, do XC etc and he is not right for that but for other things flat work, hacks etc he is great. When do you know it's time to part company? Part of the problem is we love him so much I wonder if that's affecting my judgement. Please help!

notasausage Tue 01-Sep-15 06:46:08

Do you have the space to keep him on for a bit to smooth the transition onto a new pony?

IconicTonic Tue 01-Sep-15 10:29:07

Where do you live, I'm after a first pony grin

I think it is probably better to hang onto a safe pony too long than risk moving up a gear too early. The right time to get a new pony is when the right pony comes along though, are you able to ask around a bit locally?

honeyroar Tue 01-Sep-15 20:59:21

It's a good time to look around for a new pony. Lots come up for sale as the show season ends. A bad time time to sell though!

I agree that it's better to keep a pony that they're confident on as long as you can. The transit in to the next pony isn't always smooth.

I hate selling them. It's horrible, but we kept my stepson's first pony for another year after him getting his second pony, and she ended up with laminitis possibly due to not doing much work. So the second pony was sold as soon as he was grown out of. I cried my eyes out when he went.

WillowKnicks Fri 04-Sep-15 13:16:18

We're going through this at the moment & I'm finding it very difficult.

We have kept dd's 1st pony & he's being currently ridden by her sister. We'll never sell him & he'll retire with us, due to his age...BUT dd's 2nd pony is currently up for sale, as my dd is really competitive & wanted something very forward going that she could concentrate doing XC, SJ etc on, so lovely, sweet, gentle DP2 just didn't fit the bill, as she's more of an all rounder.

We have already bought DP3 & she is fab & just what my DD wanted, so that has made the decision easier but I can't help feeling that we're letting go of an absolute treasure sad

ephemeralfairy Mon 14-Sep-15 09:15:39

Could you keep first pony but find a loaner/sharer for him?

lostscot Sun 25-Oct-15 21:24:37

Sounds like the ideal family pony, you don't happen to be Norfolk/ suffolk by any chance??

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