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Would you recommend this hat ?

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trufflehunterthebadger Wed 26-Aug-15 22:01:24

hickstead velvet riding hat
For DD. i noted the advice to buy a new hat for safety and do love the classic look of this one, also the fact that it is on clearance and such a good deal ! It seems to have good reviews.

Katnisnevergreen Thu 27-Aug-15 12:20:19

Hmmm it is classic. How old is your dd? When I was young it was all about who had the coolest hat silk, the crazier the better, which she won't be able to do, but that might have fallen out of fashion now anyway (not that I'm old or anything grin)
Also, what does your dd do? I was always told fixed peak hats like this weren't suitable for cross country as if you fell, the peak could snap back into your face, but this may be an urban legend...

notasausage Thu 27-Aug-15 14:24:24

It's a lovely hat. It's only a bargain if it fits her. Properly.
Is it PAS015 - I couldn't get the extra info to open. If not Pony Club won't accept it from the end of 2015. Not sure on the rules for shows, riding schools etc.
Unless she is doing serious showing there are lots of hats on the market that are much more groovy that she may appreciate more!

trufflehunterthebadger Thu 27-Aug-15 22:58:18

She is only 5 so probably not too much opinion of her own (famous last words). She will just be very excited to have a hat like the others, most of the older girls and instructors wear similar hats. I'm not keen on patterned stuff to be honest, i'm quite conservative in my tastes ! I checked the hat that she is currently using at the stables so hopefully it will be a good fit.

trufflehunterthebadger Thu 27-Aug-15 22:59:49

But yes, it is the Pony Club approved version although while she seems to have taken to riding like the proverbial duck to water, i think competitions are a way off for now ;)

horseygeorgie Thu 27-Aug-15 23:00:37

looks like a bargain to me. Gatehouse hats are brilliant.

trufflehunterthebadger Thu 27-Aug-15 23:01:27

It will be a christmas present, along with boots and some cut price jodphurs that i am buying simply to satisfy myself

horseygeorgie Thu 27-Aug-15 23:01:30

I have a HSI and its awesome. I ride for about 23 hours a week and it is comfy beyond belief.

trufflehunterthebadger Thu 27-Aug-15 23:04:13

Brilliant. DH has agreed that we will buy it so i will be ordering it tonight. Thankyou for your views smile

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