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Does this workload sound suitable for older pony?

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Backonthebike Mon 17-Aug-15 16:25:54

I'm riding a friend's pony and wanted to check what I am doing sounds suitable for an older pony.

I ride once a week and generally hack out for between 1-2 hours. 80-90% of the hack is walking, with a couple of trots and a couple of canters. We don't canter particularly long distances, just across a couple of normal size fields, for example.

She is not very forward going, and I am not sure whether this is laziness or because she is old and struggling. I am never sure how much to push her on. Her owner says she has always been a pretty lazy pony.

Pony is 21 years old, 14.1hh cob mare. Generally fit and well, no known health issues. Lives in but turned out for several hours each day (as long as weather not terrible). Fed hay, pony nuts and chaff and seems to maintain a good weight. She is also ridden by various other people but mainly kids so I don't think they do much with her, mainly lead rein work. She is normally ridden 4/5 times per week with 2/3 days off.

Coffeemarkone Mon 17-Aug-15 16:28:55

sounds fine to me tbh -

Plomino Mon 17-Aug-15 17:43:28

Sounds fine to me too . Maybe she's just naturally laid back .

goodasitgets Mon 17-Aug-15 17:47:04

Mine is 20 and still at medium level dressage so I think you're ok! Best to keep oldies fit, so add some hill work in just in walk if you have some, or do trot - walk - trot
I school intensively for an hour with a few walk breaks or hack 1-2hrs with 50% of that in trot, uphill too

Bonkay Mon 17-Aug-15 19:55:30

Sounds fine.
21 isn't that old, my old made is now 23 and still jumping and chucking people around left right and center grin

britnay Tue 18-Aug-15 12:49:33

Why is she mostly kept in? Older ponies tend to be more stiff if they are kept indoors a lot.
My oldies have always been out 24/7. It does them good to be able to mooch about.

goodasitgets Tue 18-Aug-15 14:08:38

I can't speak for OP but where I am there is no yards that will do 24/7 turnout all year. Ours are in during the day to avoid the flies and out at night (5pm - 9am ish)
Clay soil means every yard restricts turnout over winter

Backonthebike Wed 19-Aug-15 11:19:42

Hi yes turn out is due to yard restrictions

britnay Wed 19-Aug-15 15:27:17

Such a shame. I'm really lucky that we have good soil, so I can offer 24/7 turnout all year round (unless VERY wet/tracks are icy). Most of my liveries do this and stable at night while on winter paddocks. One of my part liveries stables at night all year round, but her horses do like coming in and wait at the gate every evening!

goodasitgets Wed 19-Aug-15 16:59:49

We have loads of acres so fields are rotated but on a huge hill and clay so water pools at the bottom and it gets mega deep - as in horses can get stuck in it and struggle to move

Tyrannosaurus Thu 20-Aug-15 16:25:54

I don't think her age is an issue, more that you need to think about her fitness level when gauging how much work to do with her. If she is being ridden 4 or 5 times a week though that sounds fine. My horse is 19, and still quite able to cart me round a XC course at high speed. He is also ridden 4 or 5 times a week.

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