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Livery yards or space for a little old pony in the Barry area - help!

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spiderlight Wed 01-Jul-15 17:25:32

Hi - does anyone know of any yards that might be able to offer cheap livery in the Barry, Vale of Glamorgan area, or anyone would have room for a sweet little retired pony as a companion?

My friend has been renting a house with a little bit of land and adopted a pony two years ago who was being rehomed because a little girl had grown out of her and because of a tendency towards laminitis. Having been told before she got the pony (plus two rescued goats and an assortment of chickens) that she could stay in the house/land for as long as she wanted, the landlords' circumstances have changed very unexpectedly and she's been given notice to leave the house and the land by September so they can move back in.

My friend doesn't think she'll be able to afford to rent another house with land (the place she's in now was very, very cheap) but is looking for ways she can keep her pony, or at least buy herself time to find the perfect home.

She's a very sweet little soul - my son learned to ride on her before she retired and apart from regular checks with the farrier she's very low-maintenance. Any bright ideas or contacts in the area would be very gratefully received!

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