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Showing_ what to wear

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Renegadesmum Mon 15-Jun-15 20:40:49

We have just got my dds new 13hh pony a blue roan gelding and want to go to a few local fun shows this summer. We did a few last year with her shetland and she has a tweed show jacket. But as blue roans are not very comman i have no idea what colour she will need for her new pony? Also a little confused about classes as i do t think she wil be able to do first ridden as her pony will be too big? (she is seven if it helps) have no idea of the difference betwen first ridden and equatation? Please help xxxx

feezap Tue 16-Jun-15 09:29:39

It depends on the breeding of the pony, if it is a native then tweed is good. If the jacket is a grey tweed I imagine it would look very nice. if not, then a dark blue or black showing jacket I think is smart but I'm not as up on anything other than natives!

13hh might be a bit big for a first ridden class but really if the pony is a good size for the child and is suitable as a first ridden then that is what it should be judged on, it really depends on the level of show as to how picky it could be. If the pony rides and looks small then it would be better. Family pony and young handler classes are good for that age group too, plus all the fun classes of course.

Have fun xx

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