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What would you buy your horse with a £250 gift card for Robinsons?

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Sierraspider Tue 09-Jun-15 18:43:39

I've been given £250 to spend in the big horsey shop 'Robinsons' as a birthday present. I have a 13.2hh cob, who I already have everything for. I'm extremely greatful and thankful for the gift, but other than a pretty new head collar and maybe some horse treats, I have absolutely no idea what to buy. We've only had her a month or so, so we've already bought everything for her (tack, rugs, feed bowls etc) the day before she arrived.

Any ideas? What would you buy if someone gave you £250 in gift vouchers to spend in a big horse shop? I already have new body protector, hat, boots. I could do with some work fly spray actually!

Pixel Tue 09-Jun-15 20:40:43

Does she live in or out? If I had a stable I'd probably splash out on some rubber mats as they can be quite pricey. Also a proper hayrack is useful. I've got one in the shelter and it's much easier on a winter evening to chuck some hay in the top than to try and stuff a haynet.

Have you got reflective gear and waterproofs for both you and the pony if you want to go out in the winter?

How about a decent galvanised feed bin or a safe cabinet to put your tack in? Or some clippers maybe?

Or you could send it to me and I'll spend it grin.

Gabilan Tue 09-Jun-15 21:19:00

Ooo. Clippers. Some showing kit. I don't have a hunter bridle or the correct numnah for showing classes. Another jacket for myself. Possibly another hat though I prefer to get them fitted. A jointed Pelham. Another girth. A fleecy numnah, just in case.

More rugs. You can't have enough rugs. Probably another waterproof for when one is drying out and another lightweight stable rug. A waterproof hi viz exercise sheet.

I could probably spend it at least 3x over.

Bonnefoi Tue 09-Jun-15 21:25:48

Super comfortable boots for me, high viz stuff, rugs (can you ever have enough)' decent winter jacket, and warm stuff in the sale.

Cosmonautarian Tue 09-Jun-15 21:30:49

Rambo rugs or some nice new Ariat boots

Butkin Wed 10-Jun-15 00:49:17

Ours pretty much have everything but you can't have too many rugs - they soon wear out, even the Horseware Ireland ones which we always buy. They all have summer sheets, stable rugs of various thicknesses, turn out rugs of various thicknesses and we've now invested in the UV fly rugs that keep the flies off in Summer and importantly (for us) mean they don't bleach in the sun.

If you don't want anything now then wait. You soon will !

Sierraspider Wed 10-Jun-15 09:49:47

Thanks guys :-) she lives out 24/7 with a shelter. I could do with a new wheelbarrow one that is really light weight and easy to push! I'm excited about spending it. I do want to ride in the winter so definitely so some high vis waterproof stuff is a good idea. And some new grooming products like canter coat shine would be good.

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