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Foals - introducing Teddy, Rose and Howard

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Molecule Mon 08-Jun-15 08:24:36

DH's mares have produced the loveliest foals this year, so thought I'd share some pictures. Teddy is the oldest, the smallest, and incredibly friendly. Rose is the long-legged bay, and Howard is the youngest, only 24 hours old in his photo. They are all destined to be race horses, though I hope that Teddy fails to grow sufficiently and can be my small show-hack. Howard's uncle was tremendous around both Cheltenham and Aintree and as his mum is now going to be retired (we bred her and dh doesn't want to risk another foaling) he's going to be our future Grand National winner.

BaldricksWife Mon 08-Jun-15 11:20:13

Wonderful pictures! Lovely foals! If we didn't show we would have a racehorse as nothing quite like the adrenalin rush involved, will keep my fingers crossed for your small hack!

Velociraptor Mon 08-Jun-15 21:07:32

They are gorgeous, I want one!

OscarWinningActress Wed 17-Jun-15 21:41:12

They're beautiful! I'm a sucker for baby thoroughbreds smile This is my 4 year old (Shhhhhh....he doesn't know he's NOT a racehorse yet).

Loving the names too!

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