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Lost shoe, now lost but of hoof

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tallulahturtle Fri 29-May-15 15:30:25

Bit worried. Last week she partially lost a shoe, it was while riding and i jumped off and gently prised it off resulting in no visable damage. As the farrier was booked for her routine shoeing this weekend I decided to rest her a few days- she is out 24/7.
Yesterday , some chaps came to replace a fence ( we have new non horsey land owners and a whole saga going on , i could write a book) , and they didnt seem to appreciate that taking a fence down can likely lead to loose horses :/. So they all get loose and run out their field onto a dirt track. They are eventually rounded up and put in another field.
Anyway, went to check her and noticed she has lost a chunk of hoof wall while hooning on the dirt track . Worried the farrier wont be able to do much with it. Can they shoe with a bit missing?
Should I have put something over it to protect the hoof while waiting for the farrier? Would a hoof boot be a good idea to prevent this happening next time? Im a fairly new owner so I dont know what is the usual procedure when waiting for a shoe replacement, I thought I was safe as she would just be in the field but then the idiots took the fence down....

Pixel Fri 29-May-15 16:26:43

It might look worse than it is, especially if the feet were already long, but it's hard to know without seeing it. It depends where the gap is but they usually manage to get a shoe on as long as the rest of the foot is strong and not crumbly. Sometimes they can build the wall up with some kind of resin stuff that sets hard. If she isn't lame you hopefully don't have too much to worry about. If the farrier can't get a shoe on then I guess you will have to get a boot! I'd be tempted to send the bill to the idiots who took the fence down and tell them they are lucky it's not a huge vets bill angry.

Bonkey Fri 29-May-15 21:39:11

My tb regularly had chunks missing out of his hoof and my farrier managed to get shoes on.
Normally its just superficial

If you have a good farrier he will be best for advice.

I gave up with shoes in the end but if one came off and my farrier was due within the next week anyway I would have just waited.

I'd be pissed at the fence thing though! Idiots!

Gabilan Fri 29-May-15 22:02:42

I think if they lose a shoe and the foot isn't sore than turning them out is fine. Hoof boots are generally designed for riding not turn out, so I wouldn't do that. It's just bad luck that some idiot took the fence down so they went for a hoon.

My horse is barefoot behind but wears boots when I exercise him on hard ground. I accidentally bought him a boot that's too big (long story, dull) but didn't realise it was too big and moved around until he'd worn it and I couldn't send it back. Good news though. If he loses a front shoe, it fits his front feet.

tallulahturtle Sat 30-May-15 16:13:45

Farrier has been and all is well. She has a bit of bruising but he said he has plenty of hoof to work with smile

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