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Finally back on board after finding the ejector seat

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AuntieDee Fri 22-May-15 23:43:30

Back on board with sticky bum johds!

The backstory - had him from being 3 weeks old, did all the groundwork on him myself and then had a very uneventful backing. Riding away fine and then all of a sudden he exploded. Turned out some idiot had vaulted on him bareback and blew his little mind. Gave him a year off and restarted him and all was going well but when I pushed him a little out of his comfort zone he flipped again and I bailed before he killed me he did half a lap of the school bucking even after I was off.

Teeth, back and saddle were checked and no issues so I have started again. Today was the first day he was forwards and we got our first trot - I am such a proud owner!!

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