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Please recommend a riding school...

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catnipkitty Mon 11-May-15 16:55:54 Suffolk near to Ipswich. We're moving from South London to North East ipswich in the summer. DDs 10 and 11 have great riding school here (which they are very sad to leave) and we need to find a similar one (hopefully!) near our new place. We'd like somewhere that isn't obsessed with getting competition-ready...that teaches for enjoyment, natural horsemanship and all the stable management skills (not much to ask!). Any suggestions gratefully received!

horsemadmom Mon 11-May-15 18:00:52

Is Valley Farm too far? DD loved it!

catnipkitty Mon 11-May-15 20:51:29

Thanks horsemadmom, did your DD have lessons there? We've been for a visit and look around, it did seem friendly.

Steadycampaign Fri 15-May-15 15:55:56

Definitely Newton Hall! Near Swilland, Ipswich.


The owner, Rossie Theobold is terrific and there is a really good atmosphere that filters down from the top.

We live abroad but my dd loves it and we return every holiday possible!

EssexMummy123 Sat 16-May-15 21:31:50

Another vote for Valley Farm

It's a bit far from us to go regularly but great place.

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