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Does anyone subscribe to / know much about FEI TV?

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PinotGreedy Tue 05-May-15 00:39:06

Recently moved outside the UK and I am dying here without my regular BBC horsey coverage. My annual day on the sofa for Badminton cross country day is sadly not to be.

It seems the only option is a subscription to FEI TV. Has anyone done this? Is it any good? I'm particularly thinking about Badminton, and wonder whether they show the BBC coverage with Clare Balding, or do they have their own commentators etc?

honeyroar Wed 06-May-15 20:45:52

I've watched Kentucky on it for free in South America the previous two years here, and it was good coverage.

I've read somewhere on the Horse and Hound forum that you won't get Badminton on FEI TV. Sorry just re read and you are not in the UK, so you may be able to. Have you had a look at their site, does it say it's available? People said it was saying not available in the uk on their site.

Sorry, my reply is not much use!

Incapinka Wed 06-May-15 22:28:42

We subscribe. They usually have John Kyle doing the commentary who is very good but not sure who will be doing Badminton. You can subscribe for a month rather than the whole year if that's of any use?

PinotGreedy Thu 07-May-15 02:01:22

Thanks for the info.

Incapinka, do you know if you have to watch live, or if can you watch videos of events any time?

Booboostoo Sat 16-May-15 10:50:12

I've subscribed for about a year, it's OKish.

You can watch live or replay but the replay is only available for a few days.
Badminton was a disaster this year. It kept telling me that I could not watch it in the UK even though I was not in the UK (foreign IP, foreign address, foreign banking details). I had to send them my IP address, then there was another problem and finally I could watch the x-country 10 minutes after it finished. I never received an apology or an explanation which is very disappointing.

carabos Mon 18-May-15 21:19:41

I subscribed for a year last year. It's mainly showjumping, which I'm not interested in so didn't find it to be particularly good value. I'm going to be at a lot of the major eventing and dressage events this year so I haven't renewed.

If you like dressage, there are a number of good channels to follow such as TopIberian (not onky Iberian horses and shows).

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