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riding holiday in the new forest

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ememem84 Sun 19-Apr-15 09:59:20

Hi All,

looking for some suggestions. I want to go to the new forest in june/july for a long weekends riding. any one in the area can recommend anywhere?

won't be bringing my own pony...


Samba1 Mon 09-Nov-15 22:58:20

I stayed at Burley manor and there's a lovely stables there. They do beginner/Intermediate and advanced hacks out for 1-3 hours. It's £35 per hour but I'd say it's worth every penny! Some beautiful percheron crosses there

PoshPenny Fri 27-Nov-15 20:16:14

It's a bit of a late reply but I would recommend riding at ford farm stables in Brockenhurst. I don't know their prices but would assume they're all similar. There's also burley villa (bashley) who do western riding too, you do have to go up The road to reach the forest with them though, but if you're competent shouldn't be a problem. This is my neck of the woods.

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