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Lessons for children with Autism?

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LeftyLoony Sun 18-Jan-15 17:58:25

Does anyone know anywhere Sussex/Surrey border that will give lessons to kids who have autism?

The yard we've been using looks like it's closing and its a bit up in the air whether or not they're relocating. I need a back up plan.

Kids have HFA and hypermobility. They don't really need massive adaptations but need lead rein or lunge and for the teacher to understand they might tire easily.

They've been riding a couple of years now.

I have them on RDA waiting lists in 3 places but nothing has come up in past few years to fit with school hours. I've tried to get lessons at a couple of places where I live but they reckon their insurance won't cover it,


pinkmagic1 Wed 21-Jan-15 13:20:22

I would try contacting the schools that host the rda sessions. I would imagine they would be clued up and have the correct insurance. Also have you tried contacting the BHS and seeing if there are any schools\riding centres they can recomend?
I hope you find somewhere suitable soonsmile

Booboostoo Thu 22-Jan-15 10:30:27

See if the RDA can give you the names of their instructors. most teach in a variety of places so you could book them privately at their RC rather than at the RDA session.

Equimum Thu 22-Jan-15 21:45:35

It might be further that you want to travel, but Three Greys in Pyecombe, north of Brighton has often provided lessons for children with learning difficulties, so they might be able to cater for autism too. It's not a BHS riding Centre, but is fully licenced and safety etc are taken very seriously/ horses very safe and carefully matched to needs of the rider.

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