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Can anyone recommend me a good riding holiday for mixed ability group?

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Peanutbutterandnutellanutter Sun 02-Nov-14 17:23:40

Looking for a riding holiday, either UK or elsewhere.
Budget probably less than £1000 per person all in.

It is for me, a novice rider, but also for a friend who cannot really ride (she is very confident, and has ridden a few times on holiday (including cantering/galloping across the plains in Africa shock ) but has never had any proper tuition and does not actually know how to control a horse, although she is confident and seems to have good natural balance and co-ordination).

For this reason I want somewhere where she can learn to ride properly, in a safe environment, but can still have fun at the same time - I want somewhere that will let her have a go at cantering and not keep her in walk all week but I want her to actually learn something not just whizz about all week which in my view is dangerous given her complete lack of riding ability (which she is the first to acknowledge).


Hirvi Mon 03-Nov-14 15:52:47

I can recommend Annaharvey Farm in Tullamore, Ireland. It is a family run B&B and can do full board too. The equestrian part has an indoor arena, outdoor arena, cross country course, forest, fields for hacking through and horses for every level of rider.

They really care for their horses and have a very encouraging style of teaching.

I have gone there for holidays with some non riders and one rider. We all love it. I'm hoping to go again next year.

Another place I have heard good things about is Castleleslie (also in Ireland).

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