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Natural horsemanship/horse whispering book recommendations

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balancingfigure Wed 22-Oct-14 16:15:58

I'm quite interested in this area and have seen/read bits and pieces including a film the other night called Buck about the inspiration for the Horse Whisper novel/film character. However Buck Brannaman's book and others I've looked out include lots of stuff about roping which isn't really going to work for me as I don't have the skills and anyway I'm not looking at breaking wild horses!

I would however really like to learn more about this slightly different approach to get the horse listening and working with me more.

Any ideas would be great!

jamtomorrow1 Thu 23-Oct-14 20:21:55

Not horse whispering or American natural horsemanship but there is actually a lot of crossover with the methods of a guy called Philippe Karl who is ex-Cadre Noir. He is very focused on the relaxation of the horse and communicating rather than issuing orders. I find his books really interesting and his methods have worked brilliantly with my formerly clumsy and unbalanced 17.2hh ISH!

Goldenlab Thu 23-Oct-14 22:14:55

Monty Roberts and Kelly marks. Have a look at the you tube videos to see if you think it will suit you.

mineofuselessinformation Thu 23-Oct-14 22:41:48

Oh yes, Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks. Dd and I saw them on oct 10, so they may still be touring the uk. Do go and see them.
Brilliant, awe-inspiring and inspirational are the words that come to mind.
No violence, just gentle consequences, and immediate rewards. Fabulous.

mineofuselessinformation Thu 23-Oct-14 22:43:39

Oh, and we watched 'join-up' with a disabled veteran (uk forces). Enough to make you cry. This man totally understands horses in a way that I've never seen.

lavendersun Fri 24-Oct-14 07:25:29

I like Michael Peace - I got him to come out to one of my horses years ago (before his rise to fame) when she refused to load. She went from the one that we put on to get others on to planting her feet on the ramp, piggy eyes, tons of strength and as stubborn as a mule. I am a really experienced owner but I really needed help with this horse and not of the sweep her on with a broom, use lunge lines, get heavy variety which would have just made it worse. I knew why it happened - a friend put her in her lorry one day and I followed in my car I was aghast at the speed she went round turns/roundabouts, from that day on I had a problem.

He was the kindest man, so gentle, no tricks at all, just lovely. I bought a length of rope - about 1 ½ inches thick natural rope from him to make a halter and use it like he did ... still get it out now at times.

I think he has published a few books these days. I have one, can't remember which but having met him and seen him in action I would really recommend him.

Goldenlab Fri 24-Oct-14 07:31:36

Oh Mineof I'm so pleased to hear Monty was good on 10th October. It was just a bit too far for me to get to see him this tour, although we went a bit earlier in the year. Kelly and Monty are such inspirational people aren't they? Love it.

couldbeanyone Fri 24-Oct-14 08:16:04

Try Kelly marks' "perfect manners" and "perfect partners" lots of practical exercises and advise without being overly wacky wink

balancingfigure Fri 24-Oct-14 19:44:32

Thanks everyone, I will check them out.

Hobnobissupersweet Fri 24-Oct-14 20:15:11

Triple recommend Kelly marks/monty Roberts
As well as reading the books have seen MR on several occasions and he was amazing. I also sent a very difficult horse off to a RA ( someone who has trained with them) and it came back a reformed character. They were fab and kept in good co tact, I went over to ride her and they rode out with me after she returned.

shufflebum Sat 25-Oct-14 18:47:33

Richard Maxwell is brilliant, originally trained with Monty Roberts but has deviated a bit into more mainstream horsemanship and actual riding and competing so for me the techniques are more relevant.

JulyKit Mon 27-Oct-14 18:24:43

I second the Richard Maxwell recommendation. He has a more traditional background, he's closer to 'regular'/'traditional' horsemanship (which, funnily enough, for many practitioners through the years, has in fact been rather intelligent, horse-centred, intuitive and humane), and he's a lovely, lovely, genuine, non-pretentious, intelligent, thoughtful, sensible, knowledgeable, practical horseperson. (I may be back later with a few more adjectives of praise for him... smile )

fjalladis Mon 27-Oct-14 20:23:11

I agree with Monty Roberts and Kelly marks but avoid Parelli like the plague! Don't listen to a word that man says.

Medjuel Tue 28-Oct-14 12:46:29

You could try Mark Rashid, he has written lots of books, well worth a read, not seen him in person but from his books he sounds lovely and gentle and lots of common sense.

Jellibelli Sat 01-Nov-14 23:42:54

Have you had a look at Kelly Marks site forum here? I havent been a regular there for a long while now but it did used to be a friendly board, so hopefully it still will.

TheLoneRanger Sat 01-Nov-14 23:44:48

Cadre Noir...<<swoon>> Thanks for that forum link, willhave a look.

mumodthreeteens Mon 03-Nov-14 08:08:50

I saw the Australian Andy Booth give an hour long demonstration at Equita Lyon last week. He had the audience spellbound. His horse followed him around like a very well trained dog. It was wonderful to see. His book and dvd are in French - maybe he'll translate them. Dd is definitely going to do a workshop with him.

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