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Regaining Confidence ?

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roseyposeysmum Mon 24-Mar-14 13:26:13


I need some wisdom � and you lot are always so helpful.
My dd has been riding for about 18 months, she has 10hh Shetland pony on loan 5 days and week and she is completely in love with him and horse riding, she would move in if I let her and will spend hours mucking him out and grooming him she loves that just as much as the riding.
She is a really nice little rider, very quiet and gentle and she has been taught slowly but her position etc is lovely and so many people comment on how good she is.
About 8 weeks ago her pony got clipped as he was all sweaty and itchy so he went from a fur monster to a naked little man. We did explain that he may be a bit giddy as he would feel the cold but once he got warmed up he would be fine, but to make sure we put him on the lunge and let him have 5 mins of being a bit of a nutter as he galloped around bucking and having a blast, she thought he looked funny and was about to get back on when one of the other kids said she would fall off as he was fresh and he would gallop with her. My confident little rider fell to bits and started to cry. Up to now she has never fallen off, I am not sure how as we have had a few near misses but she must have super glue on her bum.
Luckily her instructor and I chucked her on and off she went, tears for a few minutes but then she was ok and ten minutes later was riding round with her normal smile on her face and finished with a gorgeous canter. Phew we thought drama over and since then she has been fine, she went to get on last week and in the middle of her lesson it started to rain really heavily and it came from nowhere, so he put his bum to the wind as they do and walked a little sideways he looked like a little dressage pony and the smile was still on her face despite the rain. Cue the same little girl who shouted out that she should hold on tight cause he was going to buck and sometimes when you fall off you can break your bones. We had tears again and she wanted to get off (Needless to say we didn�t let her), she has ridden a few times since and although she is enjoying it her hands are now up by her chin and she is not letting him travel forwards. She won�t do an around the world in case she falls off etc.
I am being very calm with her and not telling her that she is soft etc she is only little and if she is scared she is scared, but I need some advice on how to get her confident again, I thought about going back to basics and having some fun when she rides, taking her stirrups off her and playing games etc
While she was doing an around the world on Saturday (we managed to talk her into it) she slipped and where as I would normally catch her I did let her slide the whole half a foot to the floor. She jumped back on and told me last night that she doesn�t have far to fall � which in theory is great.
How do you install a bit more confidence ?

Flexiblefriend Mon 24-Mar-14 16:40:14

I think someone needs to have a word with the little girl who keeps commenting, and causing problems. Hopefully if she stops making her little digs then your DD will soon get her confidence back.

Pixel Mon 24-Mar-14 18:03:36

I agree, nothing wrong with your daughter that wouldn't be solved by a certain someone minding their own business!

LastingLight Mon 24-Mar-14 19:58:30

That other girl should be told to keep quiet if she can't say something useful.

Playing games is always good for rebuilding confidence as is lessons on the lunge.

frostyfingers Tue 25-Mar-14 08:53:59

Ignore, tell her the other girl is jealous because she's such a good rider.....

FlockOfTwats Sat 12-Apr-14 23:24:55

Any update OP?

I would have spoken with the other girls parents. It sounds like maybe a bit of jealousy from the other girl (Quite a lot of this went on at the RS i learned at when i was a teen).

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