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Cuxibamba Wed 19-Mar-14 00:29:49

The photos (and horses!) are stunning! smile Love this new feature!

Mirage Tue 18-Mar-14 19:49:44


Butkin Mon 17-Mar-14 22:04:30

Lovely pictures - the hunting one looks like its off an old fashioned chocolate box!

Pixel Mon 17-Mar-14 20:30:11

You are not slow, I hadn't noticed either!

Beautiful photos smile

frostyfingers Mon 17-Mar-14 19:04:17

I may have been exceptionally slow (ok, don't answer that), but I've just noticed that we can now add photos! It's a bit late really for my initial idea of a photo competition for muddiest pony, but here's a couple of pictures to start us off.

First one is my 2 boys a couple of summers ago.
Second is from November - all shiny and fit (horse, not rider!)

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