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Royal International Horse Show?

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BargainLil Mon 17-Mar-14 09:19:16

Is anyone going to the Royal International Horse show in Hickstead this summer or been in previous years? I was wondering what would be the best day to go with my dd who competes herself locally in dressage and jumping so would like to see both if possible? Do I need to buy tickets now - just for standard admission, or is it worth paying the extra for Members enclosure? Or can I wait closer to the time - don't want to miss out!


Butkin Mon 17-Mar-14 12:51:12

We usually go. My cob was luck enough to win at RIHS a few years ago and we're really hoping DD will qualify our 12.2 SP this year (first qualifier this weekend).

The schedules usually stay pretty static from year to year but check on their website what classes are happening each day. I don't think they are up yet but should be soon. The dressage tends to be at the start of the week - usually on the first day - and tends to be separate.

After that it's really a mixture of high end showing and lots of show jumping. Also loads of really good (some posh) trade stands.

Your tickets depend on our budget. They are normally about 10-12 pounds more per ticket for Members. We tend to buy the Members tickets as a treat because they do give you access to the best grandstand, a really nice bar/tea room and convenient loos! You're right in the thick of the action.

Not sure if general admission gives you access to the other grandstands round the main arena - expect it does.

If you're only going to watch in the outside rings (show classes) then don't bother with Members as no advantage.

BargainLil Mon 17-Mar-14 18:18:44

Hi, thanks for your reply!
We don't live in the UK anymore & are just visiting family this summer so attending the show would be a real treat for my daughter as we have nothing like this where we live - my ds might be less excited so may be left with his cousins that day! Might have to compensate him with a trip to Harry Potter World!!
I think we will go for the members enclosure then to be closer to the action. Is it advisable to drive there and park up or use public transport - our best day to go would really be the Friday or Saturday - a bit like the rest of the world :-/
I will take a look at the programme and book them now! I also entered the competition to win tickets - but can't wait for them to do the draw!!

What category are you hoping to qualify your sp in? Hope the qualifiying round goes well this weekend for you all! Might see you there!

Pixel Mon 17-Mar-14 21:12:53

We always go but which day depends on when the free tickets are for. We never pay to go as there are always free tickets (just pay about £8 per car so a group of us get in for a couple of quid each) in Friday-ad, Nagmag etc, therefore we've never been in the members enclosure, but there are two grandstands (covered and open) by the main arena for general use. The view is quite good and there are also big screens so you can see from different angles. The covered one obviously gets packed out first but we've always managed to get seats in the open one with no trouble. If it's hot do take sunscreen, hats etc as it is very easy to burn when you are sitting there (especially if wearing shorts), or if you are watching competitions at any of the smaller arenas. The whole place can be a bit of a suntrap at times. There is usually plenty of parking although it can sometimes take a while to get back out if you stay until the end of the day.

Butkin Mon 17-Mar-14 22:03:12

We'll be in the 128 cm Show Pony so on Saturday if we qualify. We'll probably go down on Sunday as well for the day out to watch. Both Saturday and Sunday are brilliant days. It is hard core horses though - unlike Olympia which even your DS would probably enjoy!

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