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Ouch fell off for the first time in years

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pipsy76 Thu 13-Mar-14 16:18:40

Just found out I don't bounce anymore! Came off over a jump yesterday and despite having my air jacket on it bloody hurt! Air jacket really winded me but I got back on a did another couple of jumps before my vision went all funny then I went to A&Econfused

I've got a bruised head and really sore neck but CT scan said all ok. My teenage friend at the yard fell off a couple of times the other day, brushed herself off then leaped back ongrin

My questions are, why don't I bounce anymore instead of ending up for 4 hours in hospital and how will I ever feel confident enough to jump again, I never enjoyed jumping anyway confused

issyocean Thu 13-Mar-14 17:46:50

I came off on Sunday, was cantering around a corner and my saddle disappeared over the side. Didn't hurt myself though although I coudn't get my right foot out I got my left foot out and sort of threw myself off (wrong side) landed on my left foot facing backwards and just sort of sat down.
I'd given the rein a good tug as I threw my leg over so had practically stoped by the time I landed.
That will teach me not to trust checking my girth to someone else!
However my 6yr old who was watching was very impressed that I got straight back on and didn't cry grin

Flexiblefriend Fri 14-Mar-14 11:40:36

Ouch! I hope you are not feeling too sore today. I have also discovered that I no longer bounce over the last couple of years. I remember falling off many times in my teens and twenties, jumping back up and carrying on without a thought. So far in my late thirties I've managed one concussion, and some very impressive black bruises in two separate falls.

I have to ask though, if you don't like jumping, do you have to keep doing it? Maybe its time to focus on something else?

pipsy76 Fri 14-Mar-14 12:48:31

Thanks flexiblefriend! Hope you aren't too sore still issy.

Yes I think I'll ive the jumping a miss for a while, I rode out like a scared OAP today and got off at one point when my horse was spooking then remounted.

Confidence is such a fragile thin ( and so is my body it seems!)

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