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I just wanted to update.

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needastrongone Wed 05-Mar-14 16:38:30

I posted a few times late last year when dpony broke his leg, which was discovered after him having nuclear scintology.

Well, he had his final X-rays today. His recovery has been nothing short of incredible the vet said. DH and DD took him, as I was working. Vet said that you can hardly even see the line where the fracture was, DD was very interested. No joint issues (his joints are 'perfect' despite being 12), no long term issues such as arthritis to consider, in fact, the pins could be taken out now if required (not that this is needed), the recovery couldn't have been better.

So, walking/light schooling for a few weeks, but able to be back in full work within a couple of months. Which for us, is jumping, games and other PC stuff.

The bond between DD and Dpony these last few months has been lovely to watch, I had considered selling, as he's 13.1 and she's growing fast, but I don't think I could ever sell him now smile

Wish my bank balance would recover as quickly smile

Littlebigbum Wed 05-Mar-14 17:23:21

Bless you very glad he is ok, love good news

LastingLight Wed 05-Mar-14 18:07:52

Wow, that's incredible. I thought a broken leg is almost always a death sentence.

needastrongone Wed 05-Mar-14 18:19:45

Apparently not, these days smile

If you are prepared to take the (financial) risk that it's worth going through with the operation etc, I guess. We have insurance, but it won't cover the full bill.

We got lucky, and I just couldn't 'put a gun to his head'.

snowpo Wed 05-Mar-14 21:04:24

Thats great news. My girl broke her leg at 6yrs old. She had a plate put in and it was good as new. We've jumped, hunted, team chased over the last 20yrs since it happened.
Hope you have years of fun ahead too!

Zazzles007 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:00:12

Wow that is amazing news! I always thought a broken leg meant they were put down as well - glad to see that this is no longer the case. Its great what they are able to do for an animal's health these days.

Pixel Thu 06-Mar-14 00:54:32

Ah that's lovely to hear.

My old pony fractured his hock when he was kicked in the field aged 15. I thought he'd have to be put down (x ray looked pretty bad) but the vet said we could wait and see how he went. He did recover and I had him until he was 28! That was back in the early 90s (he was born in 1977) so we were very lucky and of course treatment has come on a long way since then.

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