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Mucking out after TVT op?

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spritzer1 Wed 05-Mar-14 13:46:14

I posted this question on health section and wished I hadn't - lots of scary stuff there - suggestions that I lie down in a dark room for 6 weeks and numerous hideous tales of things that had gone wrong and frankly - TMI!

I thought I'd get a much more sensible reaction here! Due to have TVT op for stress incontinence as a day patient next week. Am fit and well Fitness Instructor with 3 horses (2 in at night and one living out). Can anyone give me a realistic idea of how long it will be before I am back mucking out etc. One on straw and one on shavings, one very gentle PBA mare and one slightly bolshy 5 year old big TBX mare and NF pony out 24/7. Fields need watering daily. I have competent 15 year old who can do all tasks but also needs to ride 5 year old which she normally does while I am doing chores. It's just the time it takes really - will I need to call in some favours elsewhere? Also how long before I can ride again - one of the reasons for needing op- PBA lovely but spooks at herself and doesn't walk when she could jog. Any advice/suggestions would be fab!

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