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Shetland Pony Rug

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roseyposeysmum Mon 24-Feb-14 19:47:38

Just wondered if anybody would be able to help, am looking for a exercise sheet for a 10hh shetland pony, my dd's pony on loan has been clipped today and he is now looking a little bald and i want him to be warm enough so that when my dd rides he will not turn into a racehorse.

We find it hard enough to find a normal rug for him as he is a 4'0 foot but i am really struggling to find an exercise sheet for him.


Pixel Mon 24-Feb-14 20:58:23

How about this one?.

Pixel Mon 24-Feb-14 21:05:13

If you can't get one small enough it would be really easy to make one. I've just made dshetland a fleece liner for her rain sheet and it only cost £2.99 for some fleece, about 3 quid for the bias binding and £1.99 for the buckle. You wouldn't even have to buy a buckle smile. All you'd need is some webbing loops to attach a fillet string and to put the girth through.

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