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Trailer floor question?

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dopeysheep Thu 13-Feb-14 18:54:21

So my trailer has a layer of solid planks running lengthwise but no second layer. Does it need one do you think? Not travelled anywhere yet just loading practice, it is a Rice trailer.

Mirage Thu 13-Feb-14 20:14:36

You could put some rubber matting down,it stops them slipping and helps prevent horse wee rotting the floor/your electrics.My Ifor has a wooden floor with rubber on top.

dopeysheep Thu 13-Feb-14 20:44:11

Oh yes it does have decent rubber mats as well. Only I looked at another Rice trailer and that one had cross planks on top so wondered if I should get these put in over the lengthwise planks?

snowpo Thu 13-Feb-14 20:52:12

No, best to leave it as long as the wood you have is in good condition. I have an old Bahill which is the same as the Rice and when I had the floor fitted (lengthwise planks) they said another layer would just trap moisture and encourage rot. I just take the rubber mats up now and then to allow the wood to dry if its got damp.

dopeysheep Thu 13-Feb-14 20:55:27

Thanks snowpo, I was wondering about the damp issue. The floor is in good order, I have had a good poke about and no soft spots etc. I am just a bit unsure as it is my first trailer.

Butkin Mon 17-Feb-14 12:54:46

We had an ifor with wooden flooring and then suddenly one of our horses put their foot through a rotten bit. We changed to a metal floor and were very relieved no damage was done. We got back the cost of the floor when we came to sell the trailer on..

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