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Pony saddle buying questions

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balancingfigure Sun 09-Feb-14 12:12:04

When we go DD's 12hh Dartmoor last year we recycled everything we could from my Mum's shed. Have now replaced a couple parts of the bridle that weren't looking safe and considering what to do about the saddle.

Currently using my old 14.2h Welsh pony's saddle (I measured 7" D to D). He was very narrow and the width perfect for DD's pony but the saddle is a bit long - not bad for the pony but just looks a bit big. But it is also big for DD and I think she would find it easier with something smaller.

I keep looking on ebay and while I want to limit budget I don't know what is realistic. On searches a synthetic saddle which is called something like 'Shires Hi-Lite Elite Pony Saddle' comes up a lot with an RRP of about £150 but lots of offers so could probably get for £100. Does anyone know if this is any good? Is it too cheap? What makes should I look out for?

Also most saddles seem to be either medium or wide so I'm guessing we would need medium.

Lovesswimming Sun 09-Feb-14 12:36:51

I'd really advise a saddle fitter. There are some who will have second hand. Or get something that can be adjusted and then pay a fitter to ensure it fits. My daughters pony has a saddle company saddle and they can be adjusted, it's a lively saddle, leather top and synthetic underneath, lightweight.

Pixel Sun 09-Feb-14 20:25:18

I've got a lovely little 16" saddle that I've been struggling to sell because no one wants narrow ones any more. Glad to hear there are some narrow ponies around still!
Shame you don't live near me you could have tried it.

balancingfigure Mon 10-Feb-14 14:55:04

Thanks LS. I was just wondering what sort of quality you get for a £150 saddle really. I was in a tack shop today and they had Thorowgood saddles that were about £400 but looked nice quality. I might try looking for one of them second hand.

Pixel, that would have been good. There does seem to be a lot of wide saddles about!

Lovesswimming Mon 10-Feb-14 16:21:15

i used a throwgood and sold it nearly new (used for 3 weeks, then no horse for it) and sold it for £300 so you should get one for £200 max if not less depending on age. you can then buy an insert if you need to for the width. I had a john whittaker 15 inch little saddle that was narrow, brill saddle but I sold that for £375 (and had bought it for that second hand as well). so throw good is prob your best bet.

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