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Where to buy a hat in London?

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gingerbeard Sat 08-Feb-14 19:04:19

I need to replace my (very) old riding hat as I've recently taken up riding again. I need advice please. Any brands to look for? Anyone know a good place where I can be fitted near West London (Surrey/Sussex?). Thank you.

bonzo77 Sat 08-Feb-14 19:08:03

I get mine from college farm, which is Finchley, north London. Not the area you were hoping for but it's a great tack shop, they're really helpful and both parking and public transport are easy.

bonzo77 Sat 08-Feb-14 19:10:45

Brands.... There are loads. I think the most widely available are Charles Owen and Champion. Oh and Dublin. I personally prefer a jockey skull to a riding hat. While you're looking at hats, check out body protectors.

Incapinka Sat 08-Feb-14 21:18:08

You just need to find a decent saddler with lots of different makes. My head measures 57cms but because it is long and narrow I really struggle finding one that actually fits. So try lots on and wear it for a decent amount of time in the shop before you buy. Same with body protectors if you go down that route. I tried on loads at badminton last year before deciding. Good luck

gingerbeard Sun 09-Feb-14 08:39:33

Thanks for your suggestions. I had noticed College Farm - a bit of a trek, but if they're good it would be worthwhile.

Icapinka - Would you recommend body protectors? Never worn one before?

bonzo77 Wed 12-Feb-14 12:37:14

college farm do not have a vast selection, but they are trained fitters. Ive had all my riding hats since aged 8 there (28 years!) and never had a problem.

I know you didn't ask me specifically, but I'm happy with my protector (Airowair Outlyne). It took a couple of wears to get used to it, and it can feel a bit restrictive on the ground (I put it on immediately before I get on, and take it off the second I get off). It's a million times more comfy (thoug far bulkier) than the one I had as a teenager. I've had one fall wearing it (galloping, came off into a ditch with lots of branches in it) and definitely think it minimised the damage). i probably wouldn't wear one for flat work in a school, but I hack out past lots of spooky things, busy traffic and some opportunities for galloping and jumping. And cannot afford to be out of action with 2 small children and a husband. College Farm have the Airowair Outlyne ones. There are less bulky ones available, but these are fairly reasonable and it was convenient to get it here. I stupidly bought it a month after having a baby, and while I was down to normal weight (stealth boast), I was still a different shape. I think i should probably get a smaller one.

gingerbeard Wed 12-Feb-14 18:49:43

Thank you Bonzo

karenski Sun 16-Feb-14 10:40:00

There's hengest farm in epsom/banstead or surrey equestrian near esher if that's anywhere near you? Have nit been to surrey eq for ages mind, but it usef to have a good range.

Incapinka Mon 17-Feb-14 04:21:13

Sorry for delay! Back again! Body protectors are a much needed piece of kit, a requirement if you fancy xc schooling or a massive benefit if you are in a situation that makes you nervous... I tried on every make I could find at Badminton and in the end got the Rodney Powell one. I did try the airowear one and found the seams that run from armpit to hip too bulky making my arms stick out! Have heard great things about the kantec but the price and lack of adjustability put me off...

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