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My horse failed his vetting :(

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Stinkyminkymoo Thu 30-Jan-14 15:08:29

I had found a lovely lady to buy DBigHorse but he had a vertical cataract in his eye hmm and she decided not to buy him.

I'm gutted tbh. I understand why she decided not to go ahead but I am so worried. The vet's coming tomorrow and I'll see what they say.

I found the vetting from when I bought him and it mentioned something about his eye but that it was thought to have been present since birth.

I'm at such a loss what to do now as I was going to focus on my youngster who's due to be backed in March.


Booboostoo Thu 30-Jan-14 17:53:33

What a shame! Try not to panic though, quite a lot can be done about cataracts. Wait for you vet to do a proper diagnosis and take it from there. It may be that you will be able to do something about this and get back in touch with the buyer.

dappleton Mon 03-Feb-14 09:46:23

What a shame, I remember reading another thread you posted a few weeks ago about your horses.
As booboo says, you can perhaps either have it certified as congenital or have it operated on - do you have insurance that would cover that?
To keep a silver lining in mind perhaps this will help....
Buyer wants to purchase Dh's horse, horse fails vet due to a small splint, buyer pulls out, another buyer comes along and offers twice what original buyer did even with full knowledge of split.
....Keep a positive mind, the right person will be out there for your horse.
As an afterthought, would the prospective buyer consider loaning your horse, or would this not be of help to you?

Stinkyminkymoo Wed 05-Feb-14 23:46:40

Well I've had a major update! It's not a cataract!! It's a bit of a long story but when I got DHorse vetted when I bought him 7 yrs ago the vet mentioned something about his eye and wrote it in the vetting report. I thought nothing more and forgot about it. During the whole time I have owned him I've never had any problems with his eyes and so never mentioned it to the buyer.

My mum then mentioned the original vet saying something about the eye when I told her about this vetting being stopped (still with me?!). So I get my vet out who takes a look at my original vetting form (which thank god I hadn't thrown away!) and confirms what was it said. To be sure, we get the eye specialist out who also confirms this. It's considered to be 'due to persistent remnants of the hyaloid vasculature within the posterior chamber' which translated from vets speak is left over tissue from when his eye was formed in utero.

As it's never been a problem (his eye has been fully insured since I got him) I've got backtrack o the buyer and sent all the documents (including my original vetting) and suggested she sends it to the vets who did the vetting for her.

Now I suppose I just have to wait and see, though if she doesn't decide to buy him I have confirmation that it isn't a cataract, which I guess is good news.

Thanks for your replies, I've been so stressed out about this and no one outside of my horse life really understands how hard this is. The decision to sell has been so hard and I just feel like I've fallen at the last hurdle and he might miss out on a good home and a good life with this person hmm

Booboostoo Thu 06-Feb-14 07:01:03

That's great news. I hope the buyer comes back to you and completes the vetting!

Stinkyminkymoo Thu 06-Feb-14 07:51:42

So OD I booboo! I don't really want to have to advertise him again, it's such a ball ache! smile

Flexiblefriend Thu 06-Feb-14 11:37:17

Just seen this thread. I hope the person who was interested does come back to you. It sounds like they would be mad not to if its never caused him any problems, and they were so keen before. Fingers crossed for you!

Stinkyminkymoo Tue 11-Feb-14 16:09:54

I have an update! After having sent the buyer all the documents she's decided to go ahead and buy him. I knocked £200 off the price to sweeten it a bit as she'll obviously have to pay for a 2nd vetting.

He's sound as anything and I'd be amazed if he didn't pass... However keeping fingers crossed!!

If he doesn't I'll be tying him up outside Tescos

dappleton Sun 16-Feb-14 14:34:30

Wonderful news, really happy for you and your Dhorse! - I told you about silver linings wink

Stinkyminkymoo Thu 20-Feb-14 21:27:00

I have another update!

He had his vetting and passed, he left on Tuesday to his new home. Massive relief though feel a bit sad & weird hmm

Thanks for your messages, it was good to share with people who understand smile

Booboostoo Fri 21-Feb-14 07:21:34

Brilliant news! I hope he is happy in his new home!

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