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Tiny riding hats and other bits

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Itsallveryscary Tue 21-Jan-14 20:06:36

Hi there, I am quite new to mumsnet and wondering if your combined horsey wisdom can help me. My DD is 18 months and has just progressed from the rocking horse to my elderly pony. She currently wears a cycle helmet and one of us leads the pony and the other holds her on. She loves it and laughs the whole time and screams when we take her off at the end. I am hoping these are good signs that I have passed the horsey gene on! We are talking 5 minutes up the lane and back. Anyway I want to get her a proper hat but her head only measures 47cm and I cant seem to find any that small. In addition I am thinking of getting a safari cub saddle. I am thinking this will fit my old pony and also go with when we eventually get her own pony (not for a few years). Am I being a bit ambitious with this? Obviously my ponies saddle is far, far to big for her. I know we are starting v young and we are not expecting her to do any more than walk up the lane once a week as long as she enjoys it. But I do want her to be safe! Any advice / tips greatly appreciated.

Butkin Tue 21-Jan-14 21:47:04

Our DD wore her cycle helmet until she was 2 1/4. Then we bought her a Champion Skull Hat. I'd suggest waiting until Summer and then seeing what brand fits her best.

We also had a safari cub saddle and it was great with it's high cantle and flexi handle. I recommend them..

Sounds great - our DD got her own pony (loaned Sec A schoolmistress) for her 2nd birthday and she's never looked back. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun together. Welcome to this part of MN and look forward to hearing your updates/questions.

fourlegstwolegs Thu 23-Jan-14 14:27:21

Yup I think a cycle helmet will be fine for now. I use one when ride with my 1yo on the saddle in front of me ( I grew up with this!) and he loves it. Just 5 mins at a time and only in the school but he squeals and laughs with joy. The benefits of horses that neck rein ;)

Landy77 Thu 23-Jan-14 20:23:13

My dd had a champion riding hat fitted whist we were at equifest last year when she was 20mths. We go to a lot of shows and a couple of friends have leadrein ponies which she would have a little sit on and I felt it was only right if we want to use a pony as a 4legged pushchair is was only right we had a proper hat. It wasn't cheap but she loves her riding hat, (which is odd as making her wear a hat to keep warm or keep the sun off her head is a nightmare!!! )
I bought a little saffari type saddle off eBay very cheap for the shetland, just wish I could persuade her to hold the handle rather than waving her arms in the air shouting trot gallop kick (think she spends too much time on the rocking horse)

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 24-Jan-14 23:59:10

If you've got the cash, what about one of [[ these]] saddles?
As for hats, what about the smallest size crash cap with a wooly hat underneath?

horseymum Tue 28-Jan-14 17:22:59

Charles and Owen hats go down really small, the smallest we have is 000 which is 49cm, it is really really tiny, I don't even think my kids ever had heads small enough to fit them, so you may find when you get measured at a BETA approved tack shop that she fits it, or the shop can add some padding (they are allowed to add some) which would reduce it by another size or so, although they will probably have to order that small a size in. Hope she has lots of fun with your pony, it is a great opportunity!

Itsallveryscary Sun 09-Feb-14 20:29:17

Thank you for your replies all. Weather has been so bad down here, believe it or not we haven't had chance for her to ride since I started this thread. Freshly clipped pony + windy rainy day + tiny toddler = disaster! But I have some time off coming up and cant wait to get started.

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