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Looking for a livery yard in Northern Ireland

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Samhainslass Mon 20-Jan-14 16:39:55

Can anyone suggest a decent yard please? Needs to be within commuting distance of Belfast. I will be moving in May/June of this year, and have a native pony gelding who I would prefer to keep out if possible. He will stable and is easy to do, etc. No health issues, no problems with other horses. As said, grass livery would be preferred, or else the option of 24/7 turnout in decent weather smile

The move itself is due to work, so it can't be avoided, and I am simply trying to plan ahead. I know yards can have waiting lists, etc. I am already scanning the adverts and will ask in local tack shops etc. A field share would also be an option. Thanks if you can help!

Littlegreyauditor Fri 24-Jan-14 10:06:13

The only one I have any experience of is Tullynewbank, near Glenavy. I didn't stable there, I just got a rug washed, but it is BHS approved and on cursory glance looked OK.

Samhainslass Sat 25-Jan-14 19:29:25

Thank you!

Littlegreyauditor Sun 26-Jan-14 18:42:14

No bother. If that doesn't work for you there is a Facebook group called Horses for sale/loan in Northern Ireland where people post all sorts of horse related stuff. Someone is currently advertising a spare box at a small private yard in Lisburn with sand school etc. You should join as it is a good source of info, you just need a valid Facebook account. They will let you advertise for livery as well.

Good luck smile

Samhainslass Wed 26-Feb-14 18:17:24

Update: I found a lovely yard and have booked a spot. Thanks for your help, LGA! thanks

Littlegreyauditor Wed 26-Feb-14 20:44:09

No bother at all. Good luck to you and your horse smile

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