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Cantering nerves

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Latestarter1 Wed 13-Nov-13 18:31:06

I started weekly riding lessons in February this year at the grand old age of 54. I was pony mad as a child but we never had the money to pursue my dream of riding and then came a family so no time or money. Now I am finally fulfilling my dream, HOWEVER - it is so much harder than I expected!

I am fine with trot but cantering scares me to the point that it is really starting to stress me out and spoil the whole experience for me. I am never going to own my own horse and I know that I can sit the canter if I have to but I really don't like it so I have decided for the time being at least to just stick to walk and trot. I love trotting and am just happy being in the saddle but I must admit that I do feel a bit of a failure. Does anyone else feel like me or am I just a complete wuss?!

frostyfingers Thu 16-Jan-14 08:52:07

Go for it Vicar - you probably know a great deal more and are far more capable than you think. Having your own horse forces you to get on with it and find a way round any difficulties - decisions are up to you and while it is scary, it's up to you how you do things and you're not worried about doing it "right" all the time. Lessons on your own horse will be invaluable too - intensive individual lessons when you can afford them will be much more worthwhile. Good luck.

SiouxieSioux Thu 23-Jan-14 07:11:04

I am 52 started learning to ride at 50 and find Canter very worrying. I bought a horse I share with my granddaughter last year it's been an experience! She's a lovely mare thoughsmile It's the Canter transition with me. I have had a couple of nasty falls but I was anxious about canter before then. I also don't find it comfortable. This weekend I'm supposed to do a short canter in a straight line on a hack. I'm riding a forward going pony. My hands usually end up all over the place and I don't give enough rein. I want to be able to canter because then not doing so becomes a choice not because I can't . Also , if my horse spooked into a canter whilst out I wouldn't be up the creek!

canthelpbutthinktheworldismad Wed 29-Jan-14 23:02:42

i have just found this bit of MN! i'd say go for it vicar! i just got my first horse this year, i had not ridden for YEARS! she is a fab horse, i couldnt ask for better. I am really nervous, but i have taken my time and got to know her. Worked at my own pace. I attempted my first canter a few weeks ago. It was scary but a success!

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