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Rug advice please ?

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Tillyboo Sat 09-Nov-13 22:36:10

Hi, I have a 13.2hh pony on loan who has been fully clipped apart from his head & legs by his owner. He's a Welsh boy and can get very fluffy.
He's currently in a 200g Medium turnout rug with no neck cover. He's started to grow his coat back but I think he's due to be clipped again.

I am going to ask at the yard tomorrow but it'd be good to have some idea beforehand.

I'm mindful that the nights have dropped cold to about 4 degrees plus it's been very wet of late. Is his current rug warm enough (It's a Shires) and should he have a neck cover now ? What weight of rug should he have for when winter really starts to kick in as he'll still be clipped.
He wore a neck cover last year from about Nov-Dec I think.

I'm a bit of a softie but want to know he's warm & comfy. He's turned out overnight.
Advice and/ or reassurance gratefully received.

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