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I've only gone and done it!

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So after seeking advice on where to go, we settled on kings oak equestrian centre in enfield... Have bought the loveliest 12.2 irish sports horse who is a dream for DD8 to learn to jump on... No point to my post other than to share my excitement of a first owned pony and a fantastic riding school!

elastamum Fri 25-Oct-13 21:40:39

Congratulations! Horse sounds lovely and I hope it all goes well. Give oyurselfg lots of time to get to kknow your new horse and remeber, if you dont know him, he doesnt know you either so it takes time to build confidence on both sides. Have fun! smile

Thank you elastamum... She had an informal loan of him for a few weeks... He's lovely! He's not tested her yet but I'm sure that time will come.

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