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So now I have two.

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Manchesterhistorygirl Thu 24-Oct-13 20:28:24

And I bloody love it! I'm absolutely cream crackered, but we're having such fun!

Mitchy1nge Thu 24-Oct-13 21:55:51

this is the bit they don't warn you about - not just that it's so much fun but once you have one horse . . .

Manchesterhistorygirl Thu 24-Oct-13 22:01:59

There will be no more.

Well until next spring because ds1 needs something faster if he's not to steal my big boy.

Littlebigbum Thu 24-Oct-13 22:26:44

lol congrats

ScabbyOozingCarbuncle Thu 24-Oct-13 22:35:30

Two is no good. You have to leave one behind when you hack and youll get seperation issues. Three is bad too. Youll get 2 ganging up on 1.
You really need FOUR! grin
Go out and buy 2 more horses forthwith! grin

Manchesterhistorygirl Fri 25-Oct-13 08:22:52

Well there's four of us, so two can hack out together all the time, but when ds2 is older he will need to come out too.

Oh dear, I think I need to buy a farm.

ScabbyOozingCarbuncle Fri 25-Oct-13 14:22:57

oh yes! grin

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