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anyone any good at writing ads and willing to help?

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Mitchy1nge Sun 20-Oct-13 20:57:03

need to find a sharer or even a full loan shock for rodeo boy, preferably to stay at our yard (we finally get a saddle that fits and daughter's thigh bones extend about 8 metres past the knee rolls - he is too short coupled for anything bigger than 17") I don't think I like riding him enough to give him a full time job really

but wondering how to make sure I get someone who is fearless brave enough and doesn't mind that he is short and fat and hairy

Zazzles007 Mon 21-Oct-13 03:32:59

Tell us Mitchy, what is pony good at? What are his strengths? Is he pretty? Or more workman-like? Concentrate on his positives for an ad, and leave nick names like 'rodeo-boy' for when you know the loaner/sharer grin.

As far as brave goes, go iwth the wording, 'experienced rider only, horse is not a novice ride' or words to that effect.

Mitchy1nge Mon 21-Oct-13 11:05:43

well he's really good at handstands grin but luckily doesn't do them too often these days ummm ok yes, I definitely want an experienced adult or young adult. He has loads of positives, loves his hacking and is as bomb proof as a police horse (nearly), will go out alone or with his friend but can be a bit of a handful in groups of 3 or more hmm has done some local shows and SJ, is happy to go in the lorry or a trailer, usually barefoot and lives out (gets fat in the car park) so very cheap to keep. He does an amazing walking speed canter! I think he's one of the most beautiful ponies in the world although I know eye of the beholder and all that. He is not a pony who will ever be all that enthusiastic about his work in the school but you could do a test on him and sometimes he likes jumping, sometimes he lets you carry on over the jump without him. I just want someone who will be nice to him and genuinely enjoy the challenge of riding him a couple of times a week. He is lovely really and I can't sell him, but he needs more than a hack once or twice a week and trudging round the horsewalker.

Mitchy1nge Mon 21-Oct-13 11:07:03

and sometimes he is available in pink smile with glitter

Mitchy1nge Mon 21-Oct-13 11:25:03

hopefully have succeeded in uploading a couple of photos of him

Pixel Mon 21-Oct-13 16:43:26

Great pics though I'm not sure they're what I'd use in an ad!

I think one of him languishing in a summer meadow looking innocent would lure them in nicely (bluebirds twirling ribbons around would be a nice touch if you can manage it), then mention his good points. Say how much fun he is for an experienced rider, lively yet bombproof, loads well, easy to handle (is he?), enjoys local shows, good all rounder etc. Then 'not novice ride, needs confident rider, adult preferred' emblazoned in capitals will hopefully deter anyone who thinks he will be a good first pony for little Tarquin.

Mirage Mon 21-Oct-13 20:29:42

No advice,but laughed out loud and had to show the dds the picture of him after his roll.He must be related to our two.grin DD1 has had to deal with her new boy putting in an excited buck,but showed her your photo and said 'now that's what I call a real buck.'

Mitchy1nge Mon 21-Oct-13 23:15:23

that roll was funny, it happened (of course) after his bath

I have taken too long over the wording of my ad, daughter has published on FB 'cob x, scopey jump and fun hack, would suit older teenager or adult, safe to load, good doer' I'm not sure everyone would find him a fun hack, she doesn't, but I suppose if anyone comes to have a look and I can just be honest with them about the broncing. Outgoing sharer just didn't believe me, even though everyone warned her, until it happened to her sad

Booboostoo Tue 22-Oct-13 09:56:24

To avoid wasting your time I think you need to be more specific about what he does wrong and what you want, e.g.:

??hh cobx gelding available for share ?? days a week, x amount contribution and/or help with horsecare required (delete as appropriate). Scopey jump (specify here SJ and/or XC), fun hack in company or alone, good in traffic and will do a Prelim dressage test but only suitable for an experienced adult as he will buck when excited (add anything else he does wrong here). Good to catch and handle, transport to shows may be available for the right person (did I get this right? You have transport and are willing to take him for the sharer?). Please no children, no loans and no novice riders.

Mitchy1nge Tue 22-Oct-13 16:33:01

thank you, I will write down all the things that might be off-putting so prospective sharers know whether to even bother!

yeah, we can arrange transport to shows and facilitate all that for the right person - or if someone just wants to ride a couple of times a week that is ok too, I suppose it depends how ambitious they are but if they are otherwise a good fit for us geographically and sort of personality-wise the rest can be very flexible

I suppose I should think about whether we want money or not, I always arrange these things very informally. My biggest concern is that we are taking on another horse and I don't want him to get fatter and naughtier on a reduced workload. There's a limit to what can be achieved after school in the dark and wind and rain!

Someone is coming to try him next weekend, hopefully it will be easier to discuss the finer points verbally, in person. But will definitely explain as specifically as possible what his undesirable behaviours are - he might go for months and months being the model pony but sooner or later he will bolt and buck-like-fuck for seemingly no reason and take a few weeks to settle again. He's much safer than he used to be though.

Pixel Tue 22-Oct-13 18:09:09

He's much safer than he used to be though.

I'm sure that will persuade someone to take him on grin

Mitchy1nge Tue 22-Oct-13 19:29:47

yeah and it looks good in bold! will use that as headline

he's much safer than he used to be

and then use some pics that illustrate how it is now possible to sit to about 90% of his bucks and some of us in A&E with our broken collarbones and stuff

actually never mind, maybe will just ride him a bit more myself

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