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Update on hand holding thread (just bought a pony, have i made the right decision?)

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Millie2013 Fri 25-Oct-13 07:54:09

Fantastic!! smile

Aeroaddict Mon 21-Oct-13 10:06:40

So glad to hear that! grin

Zazzles007 Mon 21-Oct-13 03:27:02

That's great, and yes as Beans said, pony is as rare as the proverbial.

Good to hear that he is working out so well for you and your son. A first horse like that is worth their weight in gold grin.

lovebeansontoast Sun 20-Oct-13 18:57:13

Sounds fantastic! The perfect pony for both of you. Hen's teeth and you seem to have found one.grin

Principality Sun 20-Oct-13 17:34:52

Yes absolutely I did! grin

We have had new pony almost a month and he is just such a dude, absolutely everything we needed. smile

He was bought as a mum/son share/first pony for myself and my ten year old who had lost his confidence.

I regularly hack him out during the week. We go out for rather fast hacks all over the place. He is just great, we go for an amble and when you ask to step it up a gear he says ok, and off we go for a good gallop, and then when you say can we please slo.. he's back to mooching. No bouncing, silliness or over excited antics. Great in traffic.

In the school he can be a little too laid back, but will be forward if you ask him and mean it wink My son has jumped him and he was a super boy and trundled round a 50cm course at a steady canter.

He is an angel in the stable and to handle. Only thing to watch for is pay attention if you walk up the aisle in the barn and other horses feeds are outside their doors...wink

My son took him to pony club yesterday and they passed their D+ test!

I took him to dressage today and he was amazing. It was a bit last min as a friend was supposed to be going and then her horse got an absess in her foot and was hopping lame. I went instead rather than waste the entry fee. We hadn't ridden the test before, and didn't get a chance in the warm up as the venue were running really early. He was such a good boy and we got 61.73%, with some lovely comments, just need to make sure our walk is more of a march apparently!grin

He is just wonderful and we love him to bits. Thank you to everyone that told me to stop panicking and buy him!

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