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loaning/selling horse - advice please.

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cazboldy Mon 23-Sep-13 12:12:34

Ok, am 38 weeks pregnant with baby number 6. Have a lovely IDX 8 yr old mare, who I have decided to sell. Mainly because realistically, I am just going to waste her - she has been sat in the field for months already. Also, she had various issues before I got her, which though mainly resolved, would mean that she is not suitable for a novice, and will always be a bit quirky.

Therefore, although I want to sell, it needs to be to the right person. Via a friend of a friend, someone has contacted me about her. They want to loan her, which I am reluctant to do.

They came and tried her, and fell in love with her. Would be a mother/daughter share. mother works as a hunt groom, and daughter was fantastic with her too. They both handled her really well.

Mother has offered to pay a lump sum now, and then a monthly amount for about a year, to buy her in instalments.

I am fairly keen for them to have her, but would need an agreement in place.

What things do I need to consider?

Obviously the financial side of things.... but what do i do with her passport? does she remain mine until paid for? Do they get insurance for her, or do I need to keep doing it?

Any help/advice gratefully received!


BurberryQ Mon 23-Sep-13 12:16:14

I would suggest that you keep the passport and that she remains yours on paper until the agreed amount is paid.
I would also suggest that you make some kind of written agreement that is signed dated and witnessed.
They should insure her and themselves and it should be v v clear who is liable for vets bills and so on until she is paid for.....
be v v careful tho., people are strange...

elastamum Mon 23-Sep-13 12:19:18

You need an agreement drawn up, with payment terms, what happens if she goes lame etc, who pays vets bills (them), their need to insure her and that she doesnt become their property outright until she is paid for. They will need her passport if they are travelling her, but they cant change the ownership on it until she is theirs.

TBH, if you have found a good home for her I would be inclined to sort out the formalities and send her on her way. Winter is coming and unless you are going to look after and feed her, whilst caring for your baby, rehoming to a good home might be the best option.

I would go and check out where she will be kept. The fact they are prepared to pay for her is a good sign. I wouldnt loan a horse as at the first sign of any problems she will be back.

Congratulations BTW, and good luck

Twattyzombiebollocks Sat 05-Oct-13 21:51:16

Yes you def need an agreement to cover vets fees, insurance and what happens if she goes lame, as I can imagine they would turn around and say they don't want her at that point.

takingachance Mon 07-Oct-13 14:49:08

I did this with a pony I sold recently and my agreement stated that once they had taken possession of the pony it was their responsibility in toto (as if they had paid in full) and they were still liable for the full purchase price regardless of anything happening after they took the pony.

I made it clear when the instalments had to be paid by too. So the full amount had to be paid by a certain date.

I must add, it was also a friend of mine who bought him and so there was a certain amount of trust anyway - I just wanted to have it in writing where we stood. It has worked perfectly and I've just received the last payment and they love the pony smile

Mirage Mon 07-Oct-13 18:26:25

These are making me laugh so much,keep them coming.grin

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Mirage Mon 07-Oct-13 18:26:57

oopps,wrong thread!

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