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Kings Oak/Gillians/Trent Park Riding Stables

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I am Hoping that someone may have personal experience of any of the above in Enfield please. There is very little on any of them via google. I have a 9 year old daughter and am looking for somewhere for her to have lessons and share/loan/own a pony within a year or two. Thank you in advance.

daisy5569 Fri 20-Sep-13 19:46:10

I rode at Trent Park years ago and had a couple of lessons a few years ago there (as a change from my usual place) The groups were quite big but they have a massive indoor school so it doesn't feel like such a big group. My lessons were adult lessons but they have lots of horses and ponies and I'd imagine children's lessons would also be good.
I went and had a look round before I booked anything, maybe you could take your daughter to visit them at the weekend when they are busy to get a feel for the place.
Think I also visited Gillians too but preferred Trent Park. Good luck and hope you find somewhere you like smile

Thank you - new to the area but not to riding, appreciate your input.

AnnaBanana101 Sat 21-Sep-13 16:09:01

I had a couple of lessons at Trent Park last year - it seemed professional enough but was very busy when I went (weekends). My first lesson was great but my second lesson was confined to half the outdoor school and there was another lesson of beginners (about 6 of them) in the other half of the school. I personally didn't like that as used to having a school to myself or just sharing with one or two others.

I had two different instructors and the first one was especially lovely and the horse I rode inspired confidence in me (it was my first time riding in years). It was just the fact it was so busy that put me off. That said they did have a 'Groupon' offer going on at the time so it might be less busy now if that has finished?

Also I was put in the 'intermediate' group (they seemed to have beginners, novice, intermediate and advanced) but the other girl in my semi-private lesson could not even canter so I was a bit confused why she was in an 'intermediate' class and the whole lesson was spent at walk and trot and I had to ask the instructor at the end if I could canter. In their defence maybe if I had gone more regularly I might have been put in the right ability group and it might not be their fault, ie the other girl might have said she was a better rider than she was when booking.

I then moved out of London so never went back.

on the whole I would say Trent Park is worth checking out. Good luck.

AnnaBanana101 Sat 21-Sep-13 16:15:06

Also when I was at Trent Park there seemed to be a group of kids there all being given rosettes and all looking pretty happy so seems like a fun place with stuff for kids

AnnaBanana101 Sat 21-Sep-13 16:19:46

Also when I was at Trent Park there seemed to be a group of kids there all being given rosettes and all looking pretty happy so seems like a fun place with stuff for kids

horsemadmom Sat 21-Sep-13 23:35:55

My kids and I have been riding at Trent for 7 years. Recommend highly. Weekends can be manic but the ponies are never overworked and the kids really do learn quite quickly.

dappleton Mon 23-Sep-13 06:53:00

I took an exam at Trent Park earlier this year - wonderful place, horses seemed happy and well mannered, staff were lovely, they even have off road hacking and cross country. If I lived in the area i'd ride there.

Thank you all. Have visited all 3 different are they?! Still need some further thought!

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