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Just spotted my dream horse... Why, oh why, can't I be I a position to have another horse?

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JulietBravoJuliet Sat 31-Aug-13 00:21:11

Look at Quarrell

Not the Shetland, the Palomino at the bottom! I'd kill for a horse like that, always coveted a Palomino, and he's exactly the type of horse I'm having when I can afford to get another. I'm just not financially sound enough at the minute to afford it. Which is a huge shame as the yard opposite my house has a space, is £25 a week including hay and straw, and I live in some of the most amazing hacking countryside... sigh

It's. Not. Fair. sad

Mirage Sat 31-Aug-13 09:01:57

He looks lovely and I bet he'd be so rewarding to work with.Have you done a budget sheet to be sure you can't afford it? We have 2 and to afford it I have cut back on absolutely everything I can.Otherwise it might be worth contacting them and explaining your situation because a horse that isn't straightforward may be up for rehoming for a long while and in the mean time your financial situation might improve.Good luck.

JulietBravoJuliet Sat 31-Aug-13 21:50:00

Sadly I've just been made redundant from my main job so I'm managing on 16 hours a week from my others at the minute, and unless I find something else before my redundancy money runs out, I'm stuffed sad It's just not the right time to take on a horse at the minute. I miss my horse so much (had to let her go when I got divorced) and I've been hankering after another for a while. Quarrel is just bloody perfect and I can't have him lol

CairngormsClydesdale Fri 06-Sep-13 17:48:08

Voice of Reason:-

He sure is purdy, BUT:-

1) Reading between the lines, he sees a Fiat 500 and doesn't stop until he reaches the next county
2) Egg-bar shoes at just aged 8? sad That's a crying shame the damage they're doing to him.
3) That girl has a lovely seat and looks like she has light, responsive hands. This looks (to me) like a horse that needs to be ridden with absolute precision and confidence each and every single time you ride.

JulietBravoJuliet Fri 06-Sep-13 18:24:00

Yes I did wonder why he was wearing those shoes - aren't they usually used for horses with laminitis or navicular? There's no mention of any problems in the read up.

I know he's probably a complete nightmare (I did have a little chuckle at the bit that said he goes into Spanish walk when stressed as I imagined him stressing when out hacking and Spanish walking his way through the village!) but he's gorgeous! I can't have him anyway, but I can dream!

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