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Anyone know santolina stables in Wokingham?

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Offcolour Mon 26-Aug-13 18:56:45

I rode a bit as a child (walk, trot, canter, small jump) but haven't ridden for about 20 years. Rode on holiday, had a lesson and trek and enjoyed it so much!! So I've decided to ride again at home. I've organised a lesson at Santolina Stables - just wondering if anyone knows anything about it, good or bad? It seems like a fun, friendly relaxed place so far.

My goals are to improve my riding so I can confidently canter without bouncing about, ideally I'd like to try galloping and possibly a bit of jumping. But mostly I just want to get good enough to hack confidently and enjoy myself. I only have the time and money to ride once a month and Santolina seem to be happy to be flexible, unlike other local stables which seem to want you to block book or ride weekly.

So, any opinions on Santolina or any recommendations for an alternative (I'm based in Hartley Wintney). I'd love to ride at Rycroft but it's too expensive.


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