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One eyed horse

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frenchfancy Sun 25-Aug-13 15:20:23

We are looking for a new horse as our poor old mare can no longer be ridden. DHAKA saw a perfect one this morning. Right size, right age. The only problem is that she is blind in one eye. Does any one have any experience of this. Could she be ok or should we run a mile?

Mirage Sun 25-Aug-13 18:27:47

Oh dear,I'm sorry to hear that.You haven't had her long either,IIRC? DD1 learnt to ride on a 1 eyed pony and had no problems.

matilda101 Sun 25-Aug-13 18:42:20

My sister had a one eyed pony-he was one of the best ponys she eve had! Brilliant jumper etc, I wouldn't run a mile!

frenchfancy Mon 26-Aug-13 07:22:05

Thanks for that. Sounds positive.

You are right, we have had Pony a little under 2 years. She has been great and has taught us a lot but we can't go any further with her. Her breathing is very bad. We have been under the vet for about 3 months and are on daily medication. Our friend has a pony who is alone so pony is going to keep her company.

DHAKA has since taken up riding and DDI has grown so we are now looking for something a bit bigger - around 15H2 .

Twooter Mon 26-Aug-13 07:31:35

I've also known and ridden one eyed ponies, who have been fantastic. However, I wouldn't choose to buy one, as what happens if something happens to the good one. D you know why it's blind in that eye? Is it a condition that may occur with increased likelihood in the other? You do have to be aware of the lack of sight on that side, and make some allowances, so from a general handling point of view it may not be ideal for a beginner.

Also resale may be harder.

Booboostoo Mon 26-Aug-13 16:50:56

Why is she blind? If it was an external injury then that should be fine (they are quite rare accidents and I wouldn't worry about it happening to the other eye). If it was something that may eventually affect the other eye you need a vet to advise you.

Most horses adjust very well to losing sight from one eye, and can go on to do everything they did before. There is a one eyed horse competing in dressage internationally and I have known a couple of one-eyed RC horses that had no problems. If the mare lost her sight a while ago you and is fine for everything you want to do with her, she should be fine.

I have a one-eyed pony we just have to take care to approach him from the side where he can see us so as not to startle him.

frostyfingers Mon 26-Aug-13 19:28:41

I think many horses can function perfectly well, there's a top class showjumper at the moment with one eye and I saw that jump beautifully at Hickstead. A quick google has come up with this site I've no experience myself and haven't used this site at all, but there may be useful stuff. I agree with Boo about finding out the reason for the blindness.

frenchfancy Tue 27-Aug-13 07:13:45

Thanks everyone. I've spoken to the head of our stables and he is of the same opinion as Twooter that the horse is probably absolutely fine, but as riders we would need to compensate especially when out on hacks and that we are not yet competent enough riders to cope with the potential.

The eye was already blind when the current owner got her, the vet thinks it was an accident when she was young.

Lasvegas Wed 28-Aug-13 17:13:15

At my old ridding school there was a one eyed pony. he has used in PC lessons he seemed absolutely fine. My DD aged 9 found him a bit freaky and wouldn't ride him, Poor thing.

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