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Show Ponies on Sky 1

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Butkin Thu 11-Jul-13 18:28:46

The programme we've been waiting for with such anticipation - after they released some trailers last year - is finally on tonight.

Show Ponies will be on Sky 1 as part of the Great Little Britons series. It was filmed at BSPS Summer Champs nearly two years ago and will make for interesting viewing. We're fascinated to see how they edit it - will they put showing people in a good or negative light? !

CMOTDibbler Thu 11-Jul-13 18:38:35

Looking forward to watching it. I think people will be in a fairly negative light as thats how these things go generally - the viewing interest in in divas and stroppy children, not in the showing

marialuisa Thu 11-Jul-13 20:02:00

We hadn't started showing at the time but the trailers feature many of our showing friends (not as featured "stars"!) so very interested ti watch. We don't have Sky but DD has called Grandpa to get him to record it!

Pixel Thu 11-Jul-13 21:56:01

Phew, we have sky + 1. Ds is in bed, I've made the tea so I'm ready smile.

Mrmonkey Thu 11-Jul-13 23:13:14

Loved it, the Eddis family are all so lovely and the girls very polite. The funniest bit must have been Polly laughing at Susie only for Susie to announce it wasn't funny! I must add its very very rare to see Jojo stop at a fence though he is one of the most honest ponies in the circuit.

saintlyjimjams Thu 11-Jul-13 23:18:53

I enjoyed that, and they didn't destroy the families in the edit (which is always the risk with these things). The bit where Tristian's mum was talking about him not being able to read and write made me well up, but probably because my eldest son is severely autistic.

I liked all the kids, and unusually for these sorts of shows all the parents as well.

Butkin Fri 12-Jul-13 00:07:34

I've just watched it back on +1 and was very impressed by the programme. It gave an honest account of the show and put all the families in a good light. The TV Company must have had good advisors because they followed interesting and successful partnerships. The children (and ponies!) were a great advert for the sport. I can't wait for DD to be able to watch it back tomorrow.

Mirage Sat 13-Jul-13 08:59:13

We watched it last night and were surprised at how well it was done.I was expecting car crash TV with only the most extreme / pushy people shown as seems to be the norm for this sort of thing.

We really enjoyed it,and pointed out to DH,who moans if we go to to many 'horse things',that Tristan went to shows every weekend,and to thank his lucky stars that we weren't into showing.grin

Mrs Eddis looked very familiar to me,I don't know why though.

Butkin Sat 13-Jul-13 21:14:08

Yes agreed Mirage. You can tell your DH that we're driving from Suffolk to Cornwall for a show tomorrow (7 hours each way!). The Eddis' live near Colchester in Essex and compete all over the place but particularly in the East.

takingachance Sun 14-Jul-13 17:02:49

Loved this programme! Found it very motivating and made me realise that no pony is perfect all the time.
Dd has watched it 4 times already and told me she wants to get up at 6am everyday like Kinvara to train her pony! And of course she wants to bring Elvis in to the living room too smile

Mirage Sun 14-Jul-13 19:37:17

I think he'd divorce me if I suggested such a thing Butkin.It doesn't help that he is allergic to horses too.He isn't too bad around dpony,as he has built up a tolerance to her,but we have only had Brandy 5 months,so he is reacting badly to him still.If he touches him,he'll come out in welts and spending all day at a show/rally in close contact will leave him wheezing and sneezing all night.

Good Luck!

Mrmonkey Tue 16-Jul-13 18:19:28

Did you drive to stithians Butkin? That is a trek! How did it go?

Butkin Tue 16-Jul-13 19:08:36

Yes Mr Monkey we did go to Stithians - just the other side of Truro! 7 hours each way... All went off fantastically and DD won the 128 SP class and went reserve champion. She was in floods of tears when called forward (took an eternity whilst they went and got the trophy/rosettes etc so built the suspense!). Her first ever HOYS ticket and probably the one she'll most remember! We're still going to Area 16, New Forest and a selection of shows at BSPS but will knock the others on the head now.

Mirage Tue 16-Jul-13 19:44:05

Congratulations! Fantastic news.You must be very

Mrmonkey Tue 16-Jul-13 22:27:08

Yay well done!!! The first ticket is the one you always remember the most as its so very special. Enjoy the last of the qualifiers I'm only doing the new forest and Moreton in marsh now but a miracle might yet happen and we may qualify.
Enjoy this moment and the build up as its just as amazing as the day it's self.

Butkin Tue 16-Jul-13 22:45:05

Yes I'm sure qualifying for HOYS is more exciting than actually being there. She is just chuffed to get her ticket with a win, rather than a place. She should get her HOYS photo put up on the wall of fame at her school (only one other girl has got there...) which she is looking forward to... I rode at Wembley HOYS but think she'll actually enjoy the Birmingham experience more. I will never forget riding at HOYS. I've put a photo up on my profile. You can see the way she has improved through the season. What class are you doing at New Forest? We're in 128SP obviously.

Mrmonkey Wed 17-Jul-13 07:48:22

How nice that her school celebrate her success like that, I love Hoys and it is definitely a unique experience even the Ri doesn't match up. I'm doing the M&M whp at the new forest on the Tuesday, we decided that we weren't taking her to the nps and the judges at puk don't suit her so that only leaves those two qualifiers.
We might see you out soon, I will keep am eye out for you.

Butkin Fri 19-Jul-13 12:03:41

Thanks Mr Monkey and good luck at New Forest - we are there on the Thursday.

Yes School have a sporting wall of fame where they put up photos. I meant to say only one showing picture currently there - 6th WHP at HOYS - and that girl has just left the school. On her last day she said she hoped they would take her photo down and replace it with DD this year and I can't believe that within a week she's qualified. Anyway looking forward to Area 16 tomorrow - it will be a scorcher!

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