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horsemadmom Wed 03-Jul-13 14:52:49

I'm having a tough riding week and need to vent.
So Lesson 1- Small group. Open order. Horse I know very well who gets lots of novices on him because he's just so genuine and an instructor I've had only a few times and never had a problem with. I got the horse really stretching over his back, soft and round and stepping under himself instead of his usual short, choppy hollow stride (yeah, he gets socked in the mouth a lot). I got told off because 'he's a school horse and shouldn't do that.' Then after 20 shallow loops(no exageration), I threw in some leg yield because it was getting painfully boring for both of us. Instructor asked what I was doing and the other instructor in the school told her- duh! Instructor then told me we had to work as a ride. Got a second telling off because 'workng on the bit wasn't good for him.'
Lesson 2- Individual on a horse I've been riding for the better part of a decade and would buy in a heartbeat but her owner will never sell. Usual RI is amazing and we use a set warm-up to get her bending and soft and ten do lots of lateral work which horse LOVES. Substitute RI wasn't interested. Insisted on teaching her own way (not a bad thing if you bring something great to the table), no interest in how we normally work. Capped it all off my insisting I shorten my reins and pull horse into an outline while smacking her forward. All it did was get her to bend from the poll. Urgh! I've always prefered a few steps of straight leg-yield to an over-bent one that goes all the way to the wall but what do I know! I know that she was falling out because she wasn't warmed up. With a horse you know so well, you can feel when they've just said 'Sod this!'. I got that today.
Should I have been bolshy instead of just gritting my teeth? Am I being a cow to think that just because I'm paying I know less than the one being paid? How does everyone else cope with RIs who get on their nerves?

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 03-Jul-13 15:16:47

I wouldn't use a RI who got on my nerves!

Littlebigbum Wed 03-Jul-13 15:23:09

Finding the right RI is hard, if you do finding one hang on to them.

horsemadmom Wed 03-Jul-13 17:30:35

These two were not my usual ones. I was just feeling like two bad ones in a row was really unfair- Damn you, riding gods! I just never know if I should argue with an instructor I don't like.

Butkin Wed 03-Jul-13 19:53:07

I think it's a bad idea to have lessons with somebody you don't respect.
If you are doing well on these horses you've known for ages why are you having lessons? What do you want to achieve on them? Once you've answered these questions then source an expert in that type of riding - somebody you can speak to beforehand and they can work with you to improve whatever aspects are troubling you.

Be prepared to travel for this sort of tuition. We usually have fewer (probably more expensive) lessons with top people in their field as we find we get more insight than lots of lessons with riding school type RIs.

unobtanium Thu 04-Jul-13 10:21:15

I change RIs, is what I do.

Can you insist that you only have lessons with your usual RIs? Pull out (last minute if needs be) if the good ones have been substituted?

Don't bother arguing with their methods; you will be wrong 'cos you don't have your BHSRI.

Be glad you're not likely to get this very often...

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