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Any Lake District horse owners out there?

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TataClaire Thu 20-Jun-13 11:52:40

All being well I'll be moving to Ambleside in about 3 months time - but it seems like trying to find any liveries/grazing- esp any with a website is nigh on impossible...anyone out there with local knowledge have any info or know any tack shops etc where there might be ads that I could get in touch with? Really just need grazing, nothing esp fancy! Any info gratefully appreciated.

Elansofar Sat 29-Jun-13 11:39:04

Hi it's a few years ago now but I lived near Egremont. There was a healthy population of riders in the cumbria area and a few shows. You're going to have to make a few phone calls as it will be by word of mouth. Try contacting the local pony club, or the area British driving society rep, or BHS rep. The fell pony society is based over that way too you could give them a call. Also try searching for saddleries on and ring them up and ask for contacts. There could be a Facebook group maybe? Failing all this, call at what will be your local pub and ask there, they will put you in touch with relevant farmers. Hope this helps....I'm someone who has moved extensively round the country with a horse in tow!

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